6 Reasons Why is my hair so dry

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Why is my hair so dry. Many things can damage our hair: from the hair dryer to the straightening iron, through your shampoo. They can all affect your hair and make it look dry and in poor condition. The best way to remedy this situation is to identify the causes of the problem and get rid of them. To successfully achieve this, in this article, we have clarified 6 reasons to you that why is my hair so dry?.

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1.The most common causes of dry hair are tinctures and discoloration. Any chemical intervention that changes the color of your hair affects its natural structure. And, in the case of wicks, reflections or dyes, affects the production of protein. Your hair appearing weak, brittle and dehydrated. You must feed it with special treatments and masks to restore their vitality. Unfortunately, this method takes time.

2.Waving her smooth hair or smoothing her curly hair can also damage your hair. Indeed, any treatment that alters the curvature of your hair turns out to be abrasive for their structure. Which undergoes such a radical change that your hair will not be the same as if you change it for other hair. Japanese smoothing, Brazilian keratin, permanent and any radical treatment will dry up and will greatly weaken your hair once passed the magic effect.

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In this case, you have two options: continue with the treatment to always look “perfect” or try to save your hair by stopping all chemical treatments or at high temperature and feeding it with professional products.

3.Other reasons that may explain why my hair is so dry are the straightening iron and hair dryer. Although these are ideal accessories to get the look you like so much. If you do not know how to use them or if you use them at high temperatures, they can burn your hair. Also, dry them out and weaken them up so they become brittle. Alternate the use of the straightening iron, do not use it more than once a week. In fact, choose to dry your hair when they are wet by setting your hair dryer on the average temperature.

4.There are also less obvious causes that can make your hair dry. Many medications can act on your hair, and not necessarily in a positive way. Contraceptive tablets, anticonvulsants, antidepressants and tablets for osteoporosis and menopause can affect the health of your hair. Identify if the drying of your hair coincides with a new medical treatment and consult your doctor.

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5.As we age the hair lose their vitality, their proteins and follicles lose their color, allowing the arrival of gray hair. A gray hair is an almost faded hair, lacking vitamins, and that is what gray hair is so rebellious. If you are mature, this is probably the reason why your hair is so dry and it is recommended to start using special products for gray hair which, although they will not save them, will give them A brighter and livelier appearance.

why is my hair so dry

Why is my hair so dry

6.Another common explanation for dry hair relates to hormonal changes. The decrease or increase in thyroid hormone production, insulin disorders, menopause, pregnancy, and puberty can cause radical changes in your hair, such as dryness, loss, decreased shine, A change in shape and texture, or even excessive production of fat. Consult your doctor to find out what is the best option to resolve these problems.

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