Who invented the lipstick

Who invented the lipstick – Interesting facts

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Who invented the lipstick. So far in the 19th century, Guerlain (cosmetic and perfume company in France), started to invent lipstick. In 1884, the first lipstick in the pen had been manufactured commercially in France by perfumers. It was made from castor oil, archeologists beeswax, and deer tallow and was covered in a paper.

One of the most important cosmetic utensils is lipstick. More than 300archaeologistsproved that at that time women painted their lips by using a paste. For a while in the production of lipstick cocaine-lice have been used, but now this has been no longer in customary.

Lipsticks are an essential care accessory for the women who have natural deep red lips or have a pale color because they want their mouth to look bigger and more striking. Lipsticks which helps to emphasize the eyes strongly and to make the mouth paler are also available in nude tones. In addition to this, for rough and chapped lips, care sticks are most effective.

Who invented the lipstick


Lipsticks which came in the form of liquids will be applied with a brush. In U.S.A. in the 1930s the first tube lipstick was made and it was a big success. The actresses wore black lipstick in silent films and made it popular. During 1940 there was a variety of lipsticks available in shades as well as style in the market. Lipsticks became a popular cosmetic among women by the end of world war 2.

Who invented the lipstick

The credit to be the inventor of the lipstick has been given to many people’s. One of them is a woman named Hazel Bishop, she is a chemist by profession. In 1940’s she experimented her creations in her mother’s kitchen. And finally invented a lip color stick, that stick did not come off on glasses and cigarettes, it will stay on lips for a longer period.
Nowadays lipsticks used today are more resistant, hygienic, and medically approved. They now contain in their ingredients sunscreens, Aloe Vera, amino acids and vitamin E for long stay and shine. About 80% women use lipsticks but a free advice is to be careful about the company of the lipsticks and especially the contents they use, some ingredients like lead etc are hazardous for health.

Try to apply the lipsticks that contain ingredients essential for your lips. Using too many lipsticks will also damage the softness of your lips and it will change the natural pink color of your lips to pale color r grayish shade. Also, it contains some harmful chemicals in it that will make your lips dry and chapped quickly. For this read our blog lead in lipstick.
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