What is nail polish

what is nail polish ?

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What is nail polish, Nail polish, actually a nail varnish applied to the hands-fingers or toes-fingers for decorating them and to protect them? It is also used to inhibit or to control peeling or splitting of nails.The nail polish is a solution of organic polymer and many other components, depending on the brand. Nitrocellulose is a film forming polymer it is the main ingredient used in approximately every nail polish. Hands and feet represent your beauty. Along with the other factors of beauty and cosmetics, nail polish also plays an important role in making someone feel confidence and pride. It makes your hands and feet instantly beautiful.

Hands and toes always look better when they are tidy and when the nails are manicured. Keep your nails short and oval will give a softer look. There are many nail polishes used to strengthen your nail plate, they got vitamins as their main ingredient to keep your nails look shinier and to make them strong. It helps to enhance the beauty of your hands and feet. Also, read our blog Nail polish ideas.

What is nail polish

Nail polishes are derived from various types:

  1. Base coat: This kind is used before applying any nail polish. It is clear, milky and pink opaque colored polish. It’s made stronger and brings back moisture to the nail. Some of them are named as “ridge fillers” in the market, which creates a smooth surface, and it will reduce the appearance of the ridges.
  2. Gel: This type of polish is the most enduring variety of nail polish. It is polished like regular nail polishes. Where regular nail polish lasts for 2 to 7 days, gel polish can last up to 2 weeks, but with proper application and home care. It is more difficult to remove gel polish as compared to the other regular nail polishes. It can be removed after immersing your nails in nail polish remover for 8 to 15 minutes.
  3. Top Coat: This type of nail polish is used specifically after applying nail polish. It is a clear, colored formula that makes a strong coating on the nails and prevents them from chipping, scratching, and peeling. They are named as “quick drying” in the market. This type of polish helps the underlying nail polish to dry quickly as well. It gives the polish a more desirable look and keeps the nail polish last for longer.
  4. Matte: It is a regular polish, but has a dull finish. It can be used as a regular base coat and can also be found on a top coat. On a dry base coat, the matte coat will be applied to give it a different appearance. It is very popular in using nail art applications.
  5. shellac: It is invented by creative nail design company (CND). It is similar to gel nail polish.

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what is nail polish

Nowadays nail art is becoming very much popular. it is mostly done by matte nail polish. It can be done with stickers and stamps on nails. It is the creative way to decorate nails with nail polish. Thus, nail polishes enhance the beauty of hands and toes. Along with the henna and rings on hands nail polish will be applied to nails to enhance its beauty. women love to apply nail polish of different colors in contrast to their dresses.

Nail polish if applied for a long time will also ruin your nails strength and natural shine. so must remove it before going to bed or after any event.

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