What is mascara

What is Mascara?

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What is mascara?.Mascara is a cosmetic product that has the advantage of lengthening and thickening your eyelashes. Moreover, it can make your eyes sparkling and spectacular. Not only this, you can get soft and natural eyelashes, or have curly eyelashes.

If you prefer the length and thickness of your eyelashes, care should be taken not to load the lashes of the lower eyelid. A single light layer of mascara, applied with the face brush, will be necessary.

For soft and natural eyelashes, use a small brush to separate the eyelashes to avoid the pack effect.

If you want curly lashes, apply the mascara on top of the eyelashes and then on the underside. Warning: do not make up your lower lashes: this would accentuate your dark circles.


What is mascara:
Working the look is an important step in makeup. Choosing the right mascara, to use it in the right way, is, therefore, paramount.

Tips to catch up with your old mascara.
Before using these tips, scratch the brush to rid it of the overflow of mascara, then use these tricks:


Lukewarm water:
Brush the brush under a stream of lukewarm water. Shake well, and then push it back into the tank several times, until the mascara becomes creamy again.


Hot water:
Soak the well-closed mascara tube for 20 minutes in a glass of hot but not boiling water. Under the heat, dried mascara will regain its suppleness


Care cream:
Pour a drop of moisturizing cream onto the brush, then thoroughly cleaned, then close the tube.


Pour a drop of glycerin onto the brush, cleaned thoroughly (you can find it at your pharmacist), then close the tube.


Pour 1 to 2 drops of sweet almond oil or castor oil (known to fortify the eyelashes) directly into the tube. Then make several trips, until the product mixes well and the mascara becomes creamy again.


Physiological serum:
Pour 1 drop of physiological saline directly into the tube. Then dip the brush. Shake it. Be careful the mascara does not become liquid. Start with a drop and then, if necessary, add another.


What is mascara:

Some more tips to save your mascara from drying:
– Do not allow the brush to come in and out too often.
– Do not leave open mascara too long.
“But plug the opening with a handkerchief for you to use”. So the mascara will stay in the air for as short a time as possible. Also, that the mascara dries less quickly.

What is mascara

What is mascara?


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