What is makeup

What is Makeup?

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What is makeup?

“The use of cosmetic products for the beautification of the face (especially the skin) and the modification of the lines” known as make-up.

The term makeup has used to designate any product or element that used in the decoration, coloring, and arrangement of a person’s facial features. Makeup actually composed of various elements that fulfill specific functions. So, it is applied to certain parts of the face to highlight, color, decorate or hide certain features.

The makeup is nowadays a product of easy access, being able to obtain it in numerous businesses and establishments. However, this was not always the case since it was once a luxury element to which only the upper classes had access.

In order, to know “What is makeup?”, we must first have a look at its history.

History of makeup:
Everything begins in Egypt, three thousand years before Christ. Both men and women loved to intensify their gaze with kohl and to emphasize their lips with red. But unfortunately, the major problem was that cosmetics contains toxic products like metals at that time. Which destroyed the appearance of the skin and caused premature aging of the skin. For more information read my blog What is Cosmetics?

It may seem that the makeup is something new. But actually, the truth is that since the time of Ancient Egypt man used makeup to highlight or hide certain facial features. Thus, it was customary for Egyptian pharaohs to delineate their eyes to enhance their power and presence.

However, the caravans transporting spices and silk also introduced the makeup in Greece and Rome. Where it can use for ritual paintings. It was only in the thirteenth century that it was replenished in northern Europe. From then on, the nobles used foundation, hair dye, and perfume. In the sixteenth century, the women powdered themselves with white lead and red ocher and colored their lips with a mixture of cochineal tincture.

Throughout history, various social groups used makeup to show their power. But this was normally considered a luxury product since its price was not accessible. And in addition, its use was understood as a privilege of a few at that time.

“What is makeup?” according to the latest fashion:

Nowadays, this situation has changed and anyone can get different types of makeup at various prices. The makeup contains elements such as eye shadows, eyelash mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks, cheek bases and colors, products that hide imperfections, glitter, enamels and so on. Most of them are made from chemical compounds. So, it is important that the production process is reliable and of high quality.

According to the latest fashion, makeup is more subtle. Women seek to bring out their natural beauty and illuminate their faces. A famous makeup artist from MAC said one day: “Makeup is a tool to give confidence and to appreciate the inner and outer beauty”.

what is makeup

What is Makeup

Last but not least, we all know that makeup is commonly used by women seeking to give color, vitality, and beauty to their face. However, it is also used in labor environments (such as television) where its usefulness has to do with coloring the face, illuminating it, matching impurities, etc. In this case, makeup can be applied to both men and women. Also, there are such cosmetics free from any harsh chemicals like metal or lead etc.

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