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What is cosmetics ? – Best Makeup tips

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What is Cosmetics?

Cosmetics 0r Makeup, these are the products used to change the appearance or fragrance of the body. They are considered as to be used on one’s body. Because they help to change the outer look without changing their performance or cleansing one’s body.

Changes in yourself due to applying cosmetic:-

MAKEUP OR COSMETICS. When applied in its better way, it will bring your own natural beauty from your inside to the world. This will give attention to your best features. It can conceal or cover any flaws. It helps you to love yourself. When it is done with skill along with your wardrobe, hair, nail. Then it will change your whole personality. It reveals the pride and sense of self that are the mark of a modern successful person.

Types of cosmetics:-

Cosmetic and makeup are divided into several distinct types. They are powders, gel, suspensions, sticks, ointments, lotions, cakes, primers also foundations and concealer.
Cosmetics are being classified upon different parameters. So they can be classified upon their functions described below:

Hypoallergenic cosmetics:-

They are low-allergenic products. These type of cosmetics are actually colorless and contains no fragrance. Many other substances can also lead to allergic reactions.

Comedogenic cosmetic formulas:-

It absorbs excess oil from your face and it also helps to prevent acne problems. They are made from water components. They are easy to dissolve and absorb avoiding excessive sebum formation. As it allows cleaning and hydration.

Waterproof cosmetics:-

They have a waterproof base. Because of this, it prevents makeup from dissolving in sweat or even if it gets into a pool.

Mineral and Vitamins Cosmetics:-

This type of cosmetics contains natural ingredients. They are mineral based and also contain micro pigments. Some of them contain vitamins as their main ingredient. Members of different business companies have to apply cosmetics or makeup. People who work in the restaurants. They have to look presentable because they carry the image of their company. Nowadays, in every field of life men and women have to use cosmetics. Because it helps them to look beautiful and awesome in front of their fans.


What is Cosmetics


Advantages and disadvantages:-

There has been a considerable increase in allergic diagnoses. These are caused by beauty products. Most people are generally unaware of being allergic. Some tips about cosmetics are as following:

  1. Some cosmetics also contain vitamins as their main ingredient. Because vitamin helps to boost the health of the skin and hair.
  2. Never use cosmetics without registration. And to avoid such a problem, always buy these products from the well-known drug store.
  3. Apply a small part of the inside of the arm. It is known as a “touch test”. And wait about ten minutes. So If there is no reaction, the possibility of subsequent allergy is virtually nil.
  4. Observe the expiration date. Read the formulation of the formulas and their warnings. Do these precautions before using any product.
  5. If you have any questions, consult your Skin care physician.

People who use good quality cosmetics. So they feel fresh and confident. They feel free from any kind of skin problems. Good quality Cosmetics by applying skillfully will never damage your skin. It helps to enhance your natural beauty.

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what is cosmetics

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