What is body Cream

What is Body Cream?

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What is body cream?. The body cream is a semi-liquid or semi-oily formula. It has the effect of setting a layer of the body. Which will give a balanced and complete moisture to your body. Having a well-hydrated skin is a sign of good health. To hydrate your skin, you can choose between different textures like Body Oil, Body cream, milk, balm: which product to choose?.

The body cream is the one which will hydrate your skin. Nourishing your skin in all seasons is, therefore, essential! In summer, a good hydration will prolong its tan. In winter, it will protect our skin from external factors. These factors are such as the wind, cold, pollution, air conditioning, heating etc. You can also read my blog (How to take care of your skin) to make your skin clear.

Exhaustion is also a factor of water loss from the body. Because it has more difficulty in defending itself. Your body cream, therefore, recovers your skin and prevent it from aging skin.



Choose a body cream adapted to your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type, then go to a dermatologist.


If You have normal skin:

Your skin requires little care. It must, therefore, maintain the natural hydration of your skin. Avoid too rich body creams on your normal skin.


If You have a dry and sensitive skin:

Your dry skin pulls you, gives a “crocodile skin” effect and easily shows redness. Prefer highly moisturizing body creams. They will be perfect to soothe your itching and tightness. They will also prevent the fine lines and creases of your body that appears before your age. We gave you the advice to use a body cream with aloe Vera. Because it is famous for its calming properties. Do not buy a body cream that contains milk and perfumes as they tend to dry out your skin more.


If You have a mixed or even oily skin:

The oily skin produces naturally more sebum as compared to a normal skin. They have a very often glistening or oily appearance. The goal of your body cream is therefore to circulate more than to hydrate. Do not choose a richly moisturize body cream. Because it will produce extra oil in your skin and hence, lead to pimples on your body.


A body cream must be used on a clean and dry skin, just after your bath or your shower. Used daily your body cream. Because of this,  your body will regain its vitality. Apply your cream all year regularly on the whole body. Massage your skin well until cream absorbs. The massage is also excellent for circulation. For dry areas such as elbows or knees, choose an emollient body cream whose soothing property is particularly suitable for very dry areas.

Most women choose a body cream that performs many functions like softening, hydrating, lifting, prevent skin from sun tan and anti-aging etc. Because these types of creams become a powerful weapon against dehydration, cellulite and aging skin etc.

What is body Cream

What Is Body Cream

Hope after reading this you will come to know that What is body cream?. It is important for you if you want a smooth and radiant body.

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