What is a Blackhead

What is a Blackhead

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What is a Blackhead? Explanations & recommendations

Nothing very glamorous today with this question but I found it interesting to deal with this subject by explaining the formation of this energetic and by giving you some recommendations. Continue reading our blog to understand What is a Blackhead?.

Firstly, Very clearly blackheads are born due to the obstruction of the pores. That is to say, too much secretion of sebum that generates a dilation of the sebaceous gland (responsible for the production of sebum). Which then clogs the canal leading to Sebum on the surface of the skin. The pores are then dilated, as were “pushed” by the heap of sebum. It is then that a short time comes the black points also called Blackhead.

Why are they dark?

It is very simple, the sebum accumulates in the pore and ends uprising towards the surface of the skin. When it encounters the air, it becomes oxidized and becomes black. However, when they are there, it is very difficult to separate.

To get rid of:

There are a few tricks to diminish and gradually mitigate them as we go along, but let’s not hide it is a long-drawn-out effort that requires regular attention.

1. Clean your face with a gentle & suitable cleanser every night. Please, makeup remover girls!. Please read our blog How to remove makeup before going to bed.

2. After cleaning, use a re-balancing lotion based on mint, parsley or a zinc-based tonic that will be purifying at the same time.

3. Moisturize your skin daily with the care that is not too nourishing. Read best tips about Morning Skincare Routine. 

4. Eat more fruits & vegetables! High-fat foods play on the hormones, thus causing the amplified appearance of blackheads.

5. Make a gentle scratch each week (preferably without grain: enzymatic, chemical, so as not to stimulate the sebaceous glances).

6. Proceed once a week to a steam bath also known as facial sauna to plants or essential oils in order to deeply clean the skin, dilate the pores and facilitate the extraction of those with a Comedo Extractor.

What is a Blackhead

What is a Blackhead

Be careful not to strain the skin with the comedo pencil, if by pressing the “round” end of it on the black point, nothing comes out, do not insist that the black dot is not Maturation in a way and that we must wait a little more … For tips on taking care of your skin please, read our blog How to take care of your skin.

The facial sauna consists of heating water and then filling the vapors with essential plants or oils added to it. You can very well make a steam bath by pouring your water into a bowl, adding your composition. Then you only have to profit by placing your face above the vapors, under a cloth; Or by means of a specific apparatus.

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