what causes wrinkes

What causes wrinkles ?

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what causes wrinkles. The aging process got a common and natural factor known as wrinkles. Ultraviolet rays cause the elastic fibers and collagen in the skin to stop function efficiently. Skin will get drier, thinner and loses its electricity as it gets older. Skin when gets older also can’t defend itself from damaging.

Wrinkles neither cause any danger nor any insecurity. The problem is that they are sometimes considered unsightly. Aging is the factor that causes wrinkles but one can help one’s skin to stop getting wrinkles on it.
Smoking, sun rays, face expressions done constantly or as a habit, and poor hydration is the causes of wrinkles on the skin.

Developing of Facial wrinkles is due to change in skin fibrosis. An elastic fiber which is injured and a collagen fiber forms an incorrect pair which causes wrinkles on the skin. Constant or habitual movements of the skin can cause the same injury in the same way to the extracellular fibers in the dermal layer of skin.

When an elastic fiber gets damaged in a prolonged state. It will then restore by a “long” collagen fiber. A collection of “long” collagen fibers at one place will make that part inflexible and looser, and as a result, there is the appearance of a big fold on the skin.

When a “long”  collagen fiber is smashed into the squeezed state, it can be then restored by “short” collagen fiber. These “short” collagen fibers stop the addition of “long” collagen fibers, and hence these “long” collagen fibers will be permanently in the folded state. Permanent wrinkles are also known as small fold of collagen fibers.
Wrinkles from the fastest on the delicate skin around the eyes. To avoid wrinkled eyes,  wear sunglasses with UV filters in sunny weather.

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What causes wrinkles

what causes wrinkles

Makeup and environmental pollution, which gathers on the skin throughout the day, infiltrate through the skin pores and destroy the collagen and elasticity. This promotes skin aging processes and can accelerate wrinkles. To avoid this, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized every night, at least 30 minutes before sleeping.

Anti-aging creams are mostly highly moisturized cosmetics. These products are retailed with the guarantee that after using these products your skin will look younger by minimizing or to stop the appearance of wrinkles. Some other process like facial and neck lift surgeries ( Rhytidectomy ) will also help to reduce wrinkles effects.

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