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Makeup Tips to Get Thick Lips

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Tired of your lips too thin? Discover makeup tips in order to have thick lips in all circumstances. It’s your turn!

Beauty Tips for Thick lips or Luscious lips

For men, the perfect woman has luscious lips! So this is the time to get going. Start by doing gymnastics with your mouth to make it more fleshy. To do this, intensely contract your lips forward like when you make a kiss and stay in that position for as long as possible. Repeat the exercise a dozen times. Activity to do very regularly! Then, take care of your lips. By making scrubs with honey and lemon by massaging gently, then, hydrate them with a lip balm. Luscious lips must not have dead skin!. For dry lips read our blog Treatment and Causes of Chapped lips.

Makeup tips to get Thick lips


The luscious lips are perfect for an evening makeup if you go out for lovers for example. To achieve this, there are very effective make-up techniques. Start by applying a layer of special primer on the lips and then draw your outline with a pencil for a more precise effect than with a lipstick. Only then, pass your lipstick, the same color as your pencil, using a brush. For a long-lasting effect, absorb the excess with a tissue, and then fix the material with loose powder. Then, repeat the operation with the lipstick. Now, do not pass your tongue on your lips to moisten them, because it is not very chic!. Who invented the lipstick – Interesting facts.

thick lips

Stop botox to have luscious lips

No need to go through the botox to have a glamorous and chewy mouth. Makeup does very well the job, provided you know how to use it. For this, you can help makeup tips to achieve a perfect pulpy mouth. Thus, your face will be highlighted and especially much more natural than with Botox in the lips. The last tip, for an even more luscious and glamorous mouth, you can finish your makeup with a layer of transparent gloss that will bring shine and always more volume to your lips. Have a look on a blog 7 tips for Lip makeup.

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