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Every summer, the same battle takes place. First and foremost, we want the radiant complexion. While at the same time, we also want to protect us from the harmful sun rays that damage our skin. To do this, the good sun creams are drawn. No doubt, these sunblocks protect our skin from harsh rays. Which, can cause premature aging.

At the same time, it makes us fill with vitamin D. But at any rate, do not forget to protect yourself from its harmful rays.

Before choosing any sunscreen, first and foremost know the positivity and negativity about these harsh rays:


The negative point about UVB rays is that they act on the surface of the skin. And it is responsible for the sunburn. Moreover, it gives tan for a long time.
The positive point is that it is crucial to the creation of vitamin D. Which is necessary for the growth.

On the other hand, the negativity of UVA rays is that it deeply goes into your skin. And also it is responsible for premature aging.

The positive point is that it gives an immediate but temporary tan.



Its positive point is that it gives the warmth feeling very pleasant. It also dries your skin. The negative point is that it also penetrates the innermost layer.



Sun protection can be expressed in the form of a numerical index (6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 50+). It is displayed on all products. No doubt, the higher the index means the stronger sun protection.

The calculation is simple. However, take the number of minutes after which the skin generally takes a sunburn without sun protection. For instance, 15 minutes and multiply this number by the IP. With an IP 6, for example, 15 x 6 = 90 are obtained. In this case, the sunburn will, therefore, appear after about 90 minutes.
Be careful, these are theoretical calculations and, in reality, other factors are relevant. Such as your skin phototype and the intensity of UV rays.
Protection sign
 Low Protection 6 or 10
 Average Protection 15, 20 or 25
 High Protection 30 or 50
 Very High Protection 50+.

How to choose a suitable protection index?

In order to choose the right sun care factor, it is recommended to take into account several criteria:

The Phototype:

It is the sensitivity of the skin to the sun. The clearer and more sensitive the skin, the more protection it needs from the sun. And also higher the IP.

Exposure Conditions:

If you go outside and see that there is a high intensity of sunlight. Then, you should go for applying the higher IP sunblock.

Sun care

Sun Care

In fact, know your prototype to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays. We can take sun bath carefully by avoiding our self to expose in the hottest hours (12h-16h). Also, put cream every two hours or so after bathing.


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