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Best summer makeup tips

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summer makeup – Makeup is actually the products use to change the appearance of one’s body. It’s summer season now and every girl and women want the Best summer Trends. Because on sunny days of summer season they want to look beautiful and stylish. Because of the excessive heat during the summer season, your skin looks dull rough and dry. Every young girl or woman who is very much conscious about her skin, always use best summer makeup products to protect her skin from sun rays.

In summer, makeup rhymes with lightness. We exchange our compact bottoms and our lipsticks matte or dark for a nude beauty more bubbly. The disadvantage of the summer season is a tanned skin. Because heat makes our epidermis suffer and brown or black patches appear. So, to avoid small imperfections you have to change your day cream with its gel version or just less rich cream and for a better complexion, one has to choose powder texture products. For skin problems, you can apply compact powder or light BB cream.

Working women from all over the world also want best summer makeup to have a flawless and even toned skin in the summer season. For this, they have to take care of their beauty during their heavy work. Always remember to remove your makeup every night before sleeping. Milk is a natural cleanser, it has no side effect, give it a priority during the summer season.

Summer Makeup


If you’re going to the beach, skip your base entirely from your summer makeup products. Use concealer¬†instead to cover up blemishes and spots because concealer means you don’t have to worry about your makeup along with shine. It’s summer season so you have to ditch your heavy makeup and go for a light summery look.

summer makeup

summer brings many wonderful things _ but sticky makeup and shiny lip gloss and smeared eyeliners are not among the things in summer makeup. Women and girls know very well that during summer season when they check themselves in the mirror and their makeup melting down their face. It happens too often during the summer season, but that doesn’t mean you go outside without makeup. You can still get awesome coverage and end up melting makeup till the end of the day, but you have to make a few small adjustments to your summer makeup routine. Here are some tips for you to apply your summer makeup:

  1. First, wash your face with the gentle cleanser. Pat dry and apply sunblock with SPF 15 or higher to prevent your skin from sun heat.
  2. Apply a foundation, not heavy one or liquid, it must be a light one with SPF or a light BB cream. Blend it well on your face.
  3. Apply concealer to the affected areas only. Don’t use it on the whole face.
  4. Apply a little bronzer or a little pink blush and keep your natural look.
  5. Put waterproof liner, mascara and eye shadow. It will bring out your eyes.
  6. Put some natural colored lipsticks with a little shine of lip glosses.

It’s all about putting light summer makeup to your face to look natural.

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