Stress Hair loss

Stress Hair loss

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Stress Hair Loss

One of the main factor involved in hair loss is stress. Stress hair loss is very common nowadays. Continue reading this phenomenon to better understand the relationship between stress and hair.

Stress is due to a situation in which a person feels a lot of pressure that he or she has difficulty managing. It then reacts disproportionately or inappropriately. But stress does not only affect the psychic. It also acts on hormones. Indeed, if you are under stress, your brain will send a message to the pituitary gland that will then react the adrenal glands. These then produce hormones, such as adrenal androgens or cortisol.

The manifestations of stress on the hair

This secretion of androgens causes chain reactions. Shrinking hair follicles and blood vessels as the stress persists makes the hair thinner and more fragile. They eventually fall. However, hair loss in case of stress does not occur in all people who are prone to it. It mainly concerns those that have inherited genes from androgenetic alopecia. Stress also generates dandruff and severe scalp irritation. For tips on long hair care please, read our blog How to take care of long hair?

The appearance of stressed hair

The hair keeps track of the stresses you are experiencing. If you are subject to occasional stress moments, the keratin of your hair will no longer be smooth. It will be thick in some places and thinner at others. On the other hand, if you live in a state of chronic stress, the keratin that covers your hair will be fine all along the length, while showing dents. The fragility of the hair contributes greatly to their fall. The level of stress you feel there is also for many.

Hair loss due to major stress

If the hair can fall due to stressful moments due to different life events, such as unemployment, couple problems or strong pressure at work. This fall will be even greater following a psychological shock such as an accident Or the death of a loved one. The production of androgens is then exacerbated, leading to a situation of telogen effluvium. Hair falls by the handle. But in people who do not have the sensitive scalp, the hair will grow back after a certain period. In those who have a sensitive scalp, they will also grow back without regaining their original strength or thickness. Also, read our blog for hair loss, How to prevent Dandruff and Hair loss?.

Stress due to hair loss

If external aggressions are responsible for stress, hair loss by itself is a source of concern for those who suffer from androgen sensitivity. Baldness, especially among young men, is considered by the main concern as an attack on their physical integrity, as a sign of premature old age. The more stress increases, the more hair falls. The vicious circle sets in and some people end up having no social life.

Treatment of stress Hair loss

The treatment given to people losing their hair due to stress differs depending on the case. It is important to consult. It is necessary to determine the level of deterioration of the hair and its propensity to fall. Your dermatologist will adjust the treatment according to his diagnosis. Stress treatment in depth will be the preliminary step to hair loss due to stress. For more tips on damaged hair care read our blog 7 Ways to treat Damaged hair.

Stress Hair loss

Modify your lifestyle and learn how to better manage your work life and problems. In this context, relaxation sessions may be recommended by your practitioner. Get back to the sport so you can relax and unwind. Psychological support may also be required for those who still have difficulty accepting their physique.

Local and oral medicines will also be prescribed for you to have a hair stalk more resistant during the regrowth. In addition, a blood test will be performed to determine if you have a ferritin deficiency, as this is essential for the health of the hair. If this is the case, eat iron-rich foods, such as whole grains, offal, cocoa or dried fruit.

In the most difficult cases where there is no regrowth, transplants or implants can be envisaged. But this is the last resort when previous treatments have failed.

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