Soft hair

Vinegar: The Miracle ingredient for Soft Hair

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Soft hair

To maintain and care for the hair on a daily basis, these are sometimes the most effective natural ingredients. Vinegar is integrated into its hair routine to make soft hair and revive the brilliance of its locks every time you go in the shower.
The Benefits of Vinegar for Wet Hair

True grandmother’s trick, vinegar has many virtues. It dopes the shine of the hair, Transforms your dull hair to soft hair, tightens the scales and removes the scalp from dandruff and hair loss. But vinegar also has the advantage of retaining pigments, which helps preserve the coloring longer. In this, it is advisable to use it when you have the hair wicked to revive the glare of its reflections.

This natural ingredient with a thousand virtues helps to make your hair look more beautiful. To use it well and make it even more effective, here’s all you need to know about vinegar!
Vinegar: all its virtues on my hair

Vinegar does wonders on all types of hair! Thanks to its acid PH, close to that of the scalp, it helps to restore balance. As a result, the appearance of dandruff is limited and the itching is soothed.

Is your hair dull? Good news, the vinegar tightens the scales and makes your hair shine, like your favorite soft hair. Also known for fixing the pigments of your coloring, it allows you to display a color full of brilliance.

In addition, with its toning and astringent properties, it helps to regulate the production of sebum. Your hair will re-grease less quickly and will look lighter for longer.

Finally, if your hair has no particular problems, you can still use vinegar to make your hair supple, silky and soft hair!

How to use white vinegar or cider at home?

Cider vinegar or white vinegar? Both are effective! Even if the second has a stronger odor, it will fade dry.

At home, mix two tablespoons (three if your hair is too dull or dandruff) to one liter of water, in an empty plastic bottle. Once a week first rinses your shampoo with fresh water, then rinse your hair again with vinegar water.

Our expert tip: spread the mixture over the whole of your hair, gently massaging all areas of the scalp with your fingertips. Then, wring your hair well and do not rinse anymore! Absorb maximum moisture by dabbing them with a towel. If you can, let them dry in the air or set your hair dryer to the “cold air” position.

Soft hair


Vinegar: The Miracle ingredient for soft hair


Vinegar usually comes in at the time of rinsing. On damp, dried hair, the vinegar is applied to the entire hair, gently massaged, then rinsed with lukewarm water. Enriched with ceramides and fruit vinegar, this product clears the hair of limescale deposits, responsible for dull hair.

The importance of maintaining its wicks well

If a fruit vinegar treatment helps to better reflect the light, other gestures are also advised in the maintenance of the hair. For example, it is advisable to space the shampoos to prevent the wicks from disgorging too quickly. Leaving a nourishing mask at least once a week can also prolong the intensity of your reflections by preserving the fiber from drying out. Or you can wash them with Natural Hair Growth Shampoo.

Whatever your color, be aware that vinegar can also make your locks brighter.

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