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Morning Skin care routine

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What is the best Morning skin care routine for a pretty skin?
To have a soft, glowing skin in the morning, your skin care routine counts! Cleaning, moisturizing … you are given some tips to be beautiful in bed jumping.

I clean my skin
To clean the skin of impurities and sebum accumulated during the night, cleaning it every morning is a gesture that you must systematically have. whatever its nature. Gel, foam, micellar water … choose the cleansing product that is best for a healthy and purified skin, ready to receive moisturizing care. Moreover, be careful not to choose a cleaner too aggressive for your skin, it would risk altering its hydrolipidic film … not top!. If you have a sensitive skin then read our blog 6 ways to take care of sensitive skin.

I erase the traces of fatigue
Generally speaking, after taking the time to clean your skin, erase the traces of fatigue (dark circles, pockets, dull complexion …) by spraying thermal water on your face or using a tonic lotion. In addition to bringing an immediate sensation of freshness. This gesture gently wakes up the skin and prepares it to receive all the soothing and moisturizing properties of a day cream. As well as, if you want more accurate answers about skin care routine, go to your dermatologist. Don’t know what to ask your dermatologist then read our blog What to ask your skin care physician?

skin care routine

Morning skin care routine

I hydrate my skin
Likewise, for a beautiful skin on awakening, hydration is essential. Selected according to the needs of her skin, the day cream first helps to moisturize and prevent premature aging by bringing her the dose of water she needs on a daily basis. In a second stage, this treatment protects it from external aggressions such as pollution for example, which puts it every day to strain.

The choice of the editor ‘
Finally, If you are looking for a day cream that brings both moisture and freshness to your skin. Gel form during summer will seduce you. It is our darling care of the moment and for good reason, this one promises 48 hours of intense hydration. Concentrated gel creams to keep skin hydrated throughout the day, these gel treatment leaves the skin soft, bouncy and radiant health. For, a little more? A light and fresh gel texture perfect for the coming summer!

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