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what to ask your skin care physicians?

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What to ask your skin care physicians.

If you are new to cosmetic care, I want to give you some good advice: before choosing a cream, decide what type of skin you have. Sometimes it’s easy because the clues are clear. Others, not so much. Is that important? Yes, a lot, because if you apply an inappropriate cosmetic, the results will be disappointing. Do you know what to ask your skin care physicians?.

You should find out if you have a mixed, normal, oily or dry skin. They are the four basic types of skin. Although it is not all, your skin may have needs to cover such as dehydration, asphyxia or acne, among others.

Ask the professional, the expert, who has experience. The esthetician is the professional who can tell you what type of skin you have and what needs. Talk to her, let me ask you, look and touch your skin. Surely the beauty center offers you professional cosmetic brands, a point of sale where we do not think until we approach for a skin cleansing.

At the level of perfumery sales, it is a debate that we open in this post and that will not end until they regulate this profession. There are experts and there are … they are not. But as in all sectors, neither more nor less. There are many dependents with an enviable professional background behind the counter. They can help you choose the right cosmetic for your skin. Also for more information, you can read our blog How to take care of your skin?.

skin care physicians

skin care physicians

Finally, the dermatologist. Dermatologists are professionals of skin diseases. If you have a specific problem such as severe acne, vitiligo or suspicious moles (it is always better to rule out anomalies). They are indicated to advise you or get you out of any doubt. Instead, they are not the ones to advise you on a facial tonic, what serum is right for you at this moment or recommend a color base with sun protection. To every professional, his task as an expert. For natural skin care read our blog natural body care tips.

For perfect and suitable advises one must have to contact their best skin care physicians.

Hope you like my blog what to ask your skin care physicians?. For any question, please comment below.

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