Shampooing procedure

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Shampooing procedure

Your hair is your signature. The hair must always be impeccable, clean and well capped. To shine and breathe, care must be taken. And it starts as soon as they wash! Here are all our tips for shampooing.

1st step: Hair, shampooing
Choose a product suitable for your hair type: normal, bold, dry, fine, curly, colored. No matter the brand, they will always offer different, depending on the characteristics of your hair.

Why these differences? Because the active ingredients in the formulas treat the hair fiber directly.

Step 2: Cleaning by hair type
– The oily hair corresponds to an overproduction of sebum and a scalp irritated by this overflow.

– Dry hair has insufficient sebum production and the scales too open, the hair fiber is no longer smooth. It is necessary to wash but hydrate and nourish at the same time to restore sweetness and tonicity. Choose a cold rinse and avoid the too frequent use of the hair dryer.

– Colored hair becomes weakened by dyes and wicks repeatedly. To maintain their strength and shine, it is essential to use a specific cleansing care.

– The fine, curly and colored hair can also be dry, greasy or normal.
The solution to keeping them healthy is to alternate a shampoo/care with another according to each request. For example a special colored hair with a special thin or curly hair.

In addition, do not forget to also use other hair care such as masks or serums to moisturize your hair. For long hairs read our blog How to take care of long hair?.

Step 3: Shampooing, our tips

–  wash the hair but not too often because too much hygiene kills natural self-defense.
– The ideal rhythm: twice a week, whatever your hair type.
– The golden rule: not too many products that attack the hair fiber in the long term.
– If you have a specific problem, hair loss, hair surges, damaged hair, choose a shampoo targeted, preferably in pharmacy, and follow the advice of your dermatologist.


Step 4: Shampooing instructions

– Start by wetting your hair, in the shower, or head immersed in the bath water.
– Take a dab of your product in the palm of your hand and apply it on your hair.
– Add a stream of water, lather, and massage. For welfare, insist on certain points by pressing with your fingertips, on each side of the skull, on the top of the head and go down into the neck, it activates the microcirculation. This massage is also an excellent technique for those wishing to know how to grow hair faster.
– Rinse and put a drop of your care to wash well a second time.
– Rinse again, with plenty of hot, then lukewarm water until the locks squeeze under the fingers.
– Finish with a stream of cold water that tightens the scales and gives shine.

Step 5: Tips
– If your hair is very dry, you can use a mask as a shampoo. Let stand a few minutes then emulsify under a jet of water and rinse.
– If your hair is tangled, put a conditioner or conditioner, let it act for a few moments, rinse thoroughly.
– If your hair is dull, add a rinse vinegar in water, shine guaranteed. Also read our blog 7 ways to treat damaged hair for more tips.

Step 6: Hair finishes
– Wring the hair thoroughly with a terry towel, brush or paint, rub the wicks again with another clean, dry towel.
– Let your hair dry naturally if it is curly or curly. Avoid the dryer that inflates and gives too much volume.
– Use a dryer with thermostat if your hair is stiff or long. Avoid temperatures too hot that will damage the scale of your hair.

Hope you like my blog Shampooing procedure. You tried ? Give your opinion in the comments below.

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