Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

How to Apply Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

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Purple Smokey Eye Makeup.
Nowadays, every girl or women love to do smokey eye makeup. As it is the latest trend and moreover, it was on the first page of the most beauty magazines. For black smokey eye makeup, you can read my blog Simple ways to apply Black Smokey Eye Makeup.

As a matter of fact, purple smokey eye makeup is the most favorite eye makeup. And almost every girl wants to acquire this to make their look sexier and attractive. Actually, for this look, you have to know some techniques for applying it properly.

Moreover, you can make your look more charming if you do this on your purple dress.  While choosing a purple color for your eye makeup you must be very careful.

  • There are some useful techniques for applying Purple Smokey Eye Makeup by using purple eyeshadow.

    1. First and foremost, apply a concealer to cover any discoloration or any flaws.

    2. Then apply primer which will give a perfect base for your eye shadow. And it will also help your eye shadow to stay for a long time.

    3. Apply a lilac shimmery eye shadow as your base eye shadow.

    4. Then apply some black eyeshadow to the outer corner and smudge it well to clear any harsh lines.

    5. Then afterward apply purple eye shadow in the middle of your eyelid. It will make a smoother combination between black and lilac. Blend it well to give a flawless look.

    6. Now apply pink-peach or purple eyeshadow above your crease. It will give a natural glow to your eye. Mix it well to give a radiant look.

    7. Finally, apply a pencil liner below your lash line and smudge it well to give a smokey effect.

    8. Apply a Karol to enhance your eye makeup look. At last, use an eyelash curler and a mascara.

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Your Purple Smokey Eye Makeup look is now ready. Moreover, you can make this look on your beach clothes or for a softer look on sunny days. Furthermore, this is not necessary for you to give a smokey effect by using dark colors. Actually, you can do it with light colors as well. By simply following these steps, will give you a charming look.  

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