How to remove a Pimple overnight

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How to remove a pimple overnight

If a pimple has invaded your face and this complicates and despairs you, the first thing to do is consult a dermatologist and then follow the prescribed treatment. But in either case, try grandmother remedies.
Furthermore, discover our effective and beneficial tips and masks to remove a pimple urgently. You can also get some tips from our blog How to take care of your skin.

1- Green Clay Mask

Dilute a little green clay with a little mineral water to form a smooth cream, then apply thickly on your face.
Leave about ten minutes on your face thoroughly cleaned then rinse with lukewarm water.

2 – Baking soda mask

Mix a little bit of baking soda with water to form a paste.
Pour on a clean cotton, and dab your face with this solution then gently massage your face for a few seconds.

3 – Beer Yeast

Cut into 8 equal parts a cube of fresh brewer’s yeast (to be bought in the bakeries), and suck a piece every four hours, twice a week.

4 – Salt lotion

In addition, Soak a piece of cotton a mixture of a tablespoonful of cooking salt and 120 ml of water and then apply the buttons two to three times a day.
Allow to dry for an hour, then rinse.

5 – Turnip

Cook the turnip in the oven so that it is tender on the inside.
Peel it, cut it in 2, squeeze to extract some juice, and apply this warm juice on the buttons.
Proceed with this application morning or evening using a cotton or a compress.
Not only but also, the turnip can be stored for 2 days in the refrigerator.
For greater efficiency, the turnip must apply lukewarmly. Heat it lightly in the oven.

6 – Tea tree oil
If you are not a fan of medical treatments against acne, it is also possible to resort to tea tree oil. Asked by Glamor, dermatologist David Bank says that the “tea tree” is able to fight bacteria and make the button disappear faster.

7 – Aleppo soap

Wash your face every 2 days with Aleppo soap.
Lather the soap in your hands and wash your face.
This soap has disinfectant, moisturizing and healing properties.

8 -Tomato

Dab the pimples with a slice of tomato.
Let it dry.

9 – Apple cider vinegar

Until the button dries and eventually disappears, pass the buttons several times a day a cotton swab soaked in cider vinegar.
Repeat the gesture several times a day
Natural mask against the buttons. For more tips please also read our blog How to prevent acne.


how to remove a pimple overnight


10 – Organic flour mask

Every 10 days, mix a little flour with lukewarm water to form a light dough, then apply this mixture on the face.
Let stand for ten minutes and rinse.


11 – Cucumber mask

Moreover, Using a centrifuge, make a cucumber juice (cucumber soothes skin irritations) that you apply to the face with a cotton.
Let the juice run for 15 minutes then rinse.

12 – The mask with the egg white
Last unexpected trick to get rid of a button: the egg white. Not only does it remove excess sebum, but additionally, it dries significantly the pimples. For the treatment to be effective, a pinch of salt is added to its egg white and the solution is applied to the face until it is completely dry. Finish by rinsing with lukewarm water.

13 – Toothpaste

Apply a small toothpaste with your clean fingertip on your pimple. Leave it overnight. It will decrease the size of a pimple and irritation decreases.

Moreover, also you can add a little baking soda to the toothpaste. And apply this paste overnight. It will also decrease the redness. Baking soda has a disinfectant property which will help to remove a pimple.


An unbalanced or oily diet, cigarette smoking, constipation, and stress will encourage pushing buttons. Cleansing her face morning and evening is an absolute necessity. To clean your face, use a ball or disc of cotton that you will discard after use. Under no circumstances use a washcloth and a towel: the buttons could spread.
Some advocate washing the face with an antibacterial product.

Hope you like it. And try one of the above tips also. If you ever tried the above tips let me know in the comments below. Also visit


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