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Remedies To Remove a Nose Pimple

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Remove a nose pimple
How to remove a nose pimple? There is nothing more frustrating than waking you up in the morning and finding yourself with a big nose pimple. It’s really frightening because this little red swelling attracts a lot of attention because of its location in the middle of the face.

And if it is not so conspicuous, it camouflages itself inside the nasal cavities. It is also unpleasant because the pain is sometimes unbearable. Fortunately, grandmother’s tricks make it possible to make disappear as quickly as possible this enemy of the face.

Discover natural solutions to remove a nose pimple
The icicle to remove the button on the nose

From the moment you notice a sudden burst of a pimple on the face, put icicle on the button. Wait a few seconds and you will see that evil will disappear as if by magic. Nevertheless, if you do not act fast enough. It would be too late, for this remedy to remove the button on the nose will no longer work.

The lemon

This is an old granny trick to prevent and remove a pimple on the nose. Simply cut a lemon in half and retrieve the juice that you then apply on the unsightly button. If it is inside the nose, avoid putting too much. Use a cotton swab moistened with lemon juice to reach the button hidden in the nose. For more tips on acne please, read our blog How to Prevent Acne.

Nose pimple

Get Rid of a nose pimple

The tomato

Cut a sliced tomato and take one to put it on the button. Leave on for a quarter of an hour, then rinse your face with lukewarm water. In the case of a hidden button inside your nose, simply moisten a cotton swab with tomato juice and apply it to the enemy.

Clay to remove the button on the nose

To remove a pimple on the nose, use clay to dry it. Take advantage of it to make a mask with green clay, for example, which protects the skin against the pimples, in addition to giving it a magnificent shine. Be careful, this clay tip does not work to make a button disappear in the nose.

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