Natural Makeup look

Natural makeup look

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How to get Natural Makeup look
Ask any man if he prefers a woman who is wearing makeup or a natural woman and he will tell you that he prefers natural beauty. But we natural beauties, also know that this natural look still requires that we make up a little. In addition, the phrase “less is more” is perfectly suitable when the skin shows signs of aging at the risk of appearing older. Here’s how to get a natural makeup look that you can wear every day to work or the weekend for a more casual look.

Natural make-up technique

1 The complexion perfector
Magic Perfecting Base, it is used alone or under the foundation to obtain a grain of skin perfect instantaneously and which lasts all the day. It smoothes wrinkles, minimizes the appearance of skin pores and masks imperfections. For more Tips Please, read our blog Summer Makeup Looks.

Application: Apply immediately after the complete absorption of the morning moisturizer. A small amount is enough, applied by small touches and made to penetrate by circular movements with the fingers or a small make-up sponge. Apply it to the entire face or in small touches on specific areas such as the eye contour. It will smooth out fine lines on the nose and cheeks to minimize the appearance of pores. And correct imperfections and on the area T, If one has the oily or mixed skin to remove the shine.

Result: The surface of the skin is ready to receive the foundation.

The Tip: With the silky and matte formula foundations, “fills” the wrinkles to prevent the foundation from settling there and accentuates them.

2 The foundation
One chooses its texture according to its type of skin and according to the desired finish. In this case, we want a most natural makeup look. We will, therefore, prefer a texture lighter, more liquid that offers coverage without masking.

Application: Apply with fingers, brush or sponge. The application with the fingers has the effect of liquefying the product because of the heat of the fingers on the skin which makes the product more transparent. This type of application is preferred for a more natural effect. One can choose to apply the foundation on the whole face but it is better to apply it where there are imperfections only to keep the natural makeup look effect. Technically, the areas of your face where your skin is beautiful should not need foundation.

Results: The redness and irregularities of the complexion are camouflaged leaving the skin uniform and luminous.

The Tip: Lighter textures are suitable for all skin types. In addition, they are perfect for those 30+ who begin to have fine lines because the product does not penetrate the pores. There are textures that mimic the powdered finish for a long lasting effect without the disadvantages of a powder that tends to lodge without fine lines.

3 The corrector or concealer
To create a natural makeup, we have to be careful with the correctors. It is for this reason that it is in stage 3 and not in stage 2 of the natural makeup. If you have very few dark circles, you can fix it with the foundation. To keep a natural makeup look effect, one will choose a more fluid and illuminating texture at the same time. The advantage of a corrector is that it does not give a plaster effect to the eye contour.

Application: Apply small touches directly on the line that forms the ring around the eyes. One does not fill the contour of the eyes of corrector until the level of the eyelashes so as not to dig the wrinkles. It can also use at the inner corner of the eye to illuminate the eye.

Results: Looking awake, camouflaged dark circles, instant good looks. Often dark circles give a tired look to the entire face. Simply covering them can enhance the entire face.

The Tip: It is applied in “v” to cut the effect of the ring even more.

Natural Makeup look

4 The mascara
One chooses a revitalizing and lightweight formula that does not daub. One favors the brush that separates each eyelash and coats them of color for a natural effect. You can also choose a brown or black-brown to soften and rejuvenate the look.

Application: Mascara is applied from the base of the eyelashes to the ends in zigzag movements. We then take a clean brush (a brush) that we pass on the eyelashes in the same way as the mascara to remove the excess.Results: Separate, defined and lustrous eyelashes.

The Tip: For a really natural look, one Removes excess formula on the tip of the brush with a tissue before beginning the application.


How to get Natural Makeup Look


5 Lipstick

Finally. the lipstick color is chosen to define the lips and give a good look to the entire complexion. Abandoned by several, the lipstick returns in strength in a natural color to bring the lips to value. Moreover, we choose a soft, silky and almost transparent texture, enriched with moisturizing ingredients for a natural lips effect.

Application: Direct batting or with fingers for a transparent finish. Apply a small amount to the tips of the fingers and gently tap the lips.

Results: Lips softened, redefined and pulpier.

The Tip: Moreover Lipstick is a must. It is suitable for all women and helps to give volume to the thinner lips. You can add a touch of transparent gloss for a more volume.

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