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Natural Body Care Tips

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Natural Body Care. Every woman loves to give their body a special care to make it look naturally younger. Having an enough sleep, a proper diet and stress-free mind play an important role in making your body beautiful. Apart from this, special care also helps to make your body charming. Cosmetic Products from markets got many chemicals in them. For these read my blog What is cosmetic?. So on the other hand, to make your body attractive you have to use natural products.

So on the other hand, to make your body attractive you have to use natural products.


Everyone should take the best care of their body not only in daytime but at night as well. Because of this your body will no doubt looks pretty and charming. Here are some natural body care tips for a healthy and attractive body.

1. First and foremost, Take a bath every single day. It will keep your body relaxed and is more beneficial. For this reason, you can use Homemade Body Wash to make your regular bath time into a relaxed and delightful one. Moreover, you can also use herbal soaps for cleaning.

2. Give your skin a massage with a suitable body cream. For this purpose, you can read my blog What Is Body Cream?. It will, therefore, leaves your skin smooth and also prevent it from drying.

3. You can use some homemade mixtures before bath time. A moisturizer made of lemon juice, glycerin and rosewater are the best for glowing skin. Use it 30 min before your bath time.

4. Eat berries which are enriched with vitamin C for the healthy and glowing body. Use yogurt instead. It is the best anti-aging agent. Use it 30 min before taking bath.

5. Eyes are also part of your body. Use almond oil at night on your eyes to give it a healthy look. Eat green vegetables which help in your eyesight’s weakness. Moreover, put a slice of potato or cucumber for 15 min and then wash with cold water. It helps to keep your eye wrinkle free for a long time. Rose water is also a good choice. It helps to relieve tired eyes.

Natural body care

6. Moisturize daily your hands and feet. Especially at night before going to bed. Furthermore, use lemon water on the dark areas for 20 min. Then wash it off gently with warm water. You can also use a mixture of a teaspoon of vinegar with a half cup of curd. Use it for 10 to 15 min then wash it with warm water. These natural moisturizers will give your feet and hands a softer look.

Moreover, you can use a teaspoon of white sugar with coconut oil and scrub it on your hands. Then wash it with warm water. It will help to keep your hands soft and moisturized.

7. Massage your hairs with warm oil. For damaged hairs, you can read my blog 7 Ways To Treat Damaged Hair. It will strengthen your roots. Moreover, you can use egg white ½ cup and apply it on your hairs. It acts as a natural conditioner. Use it for 20 min and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. This will give your hair a smoother effect and also prevent fuzziness.

8. Drink plenty of water, as water helps to purify your body by removing toxic chemicals from it.

9. During summer use sunblock before going to the beach. It helps to prevent your skin from discoloration.

In conclusion, these Natural body care tips will help you to keep your body look stunning.
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Natural body care

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