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How to take care of your Nail

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If you want perfect and beautiful hands than you first keep your nails neat and healthy. Just like hairs and skin, nails also need much care to look healthy. As they reflect our health condition. That is why a proper nail care routine is so important. A good way of living is necessary to have beautiful nails.

Here are some tips for nail care:-

1.  First, you have to take any dirt out of your nails. For this, you can use tools in nail kits. Also, you can use a brush with some soap on it and use it on your nails to remove dirt. You can found this nail brush in your nail care kit.

2. Always cut your nails straight and do not make any pointed edges. Use sharp nail tools to cut them and properly file them according to the shape you want. Round edges will give your nails a strengthen look. Keeping your toenails trimmed and short will reduce the risk of any injury. When toenails are difficult to cut then soak it in warm salted water for about 15 to 20 min. It will leave your toenails soft and now they are easy to be cut and trimmed.

3. You have to cut your nails biting habit and also do not remove cuticle. Don’t use your nails as a tool to open a can. By following these tips for nail care, your nails will become long and beautiful.

4Before going to sleep, wash your hands and put on heavy moisturizing lotion on your hands with nails. Wear thin fabric gloves that are specially designed to ensure the breathing and stretching of your hands. These gloves will help lotion to absorbs completely into your nails and skin. And will stop the lotion to be spread all over your bed and blanket. In morning your hands and nails will look softer and healthy.

5If you are suffering from ingrown toenails problem then you should go and see a dermatologist. Always wear shoes that give you comfort.

6For healthy nails, one should follow a proper diet. Broken nails are due to deficiency of iron. Food that contains a heavy amount of iron are red meats, fishes, liver, lentils, beans, green spinach, egg yolks, etc. and fruits like dates, apricots etc. Eat these foods in your daily routine to keep your nails healthy. For the intake of calcium eat beetroots as they contain more calcium and vitamin D that helps your nails to grow healthy. Milk also contains lots of calcium. Drink it daily to strengthen your nails.

Everyday consumption of these vegetables and fruits along with some tips for nails care will ensure you to have pinkish and incredibly perfect nails.

7If you get nail stains and want to remove them at home then follow these simple steps. Take a cup of water ( a little bit warm) and mix a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then dip your fingernails and toenails in this water for about 10 to 15 min. Wash it with warm water by gently rubbing your nails and clean them with a soft towel. Apply a moisturizing lotion. It is the best nail care tip to clean your nail stains.

Nail Care

Nail Care

To make your nails more healthy use some nail polishes that contains strengthen minerals. For more information about nail polish also read my blog (What is a nail polish?).

By using these tips for nail care, your nails will surely become prominent and looked ideal in front of others.

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