Manicure at home

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Manicure at home
Do manicure appointments end up being expensive? What if we learned how to make beautiful nails at home? Here are the good gestures to ask for an efficient and complete manicure at home.

Step One: Clean Up
Carefully remove the old varnish with a mild solvent (without acetone), then clean our nails with a brush designed for this purpose. For more information read our blog How to take care of your nails.

Second step: on file
We file our nails with a soft file while respecting their natural shape. Note: it is better to file them than to cut them because the nail clipper can damage the nails and split them. It also avoids the movement back and forth with the file that could sensitize the nail.

Step Three: Soak
The cuticles become soft by massaging them with sweet almond oil, a cuticle remover or an emollient which is applied to the base of the nail to penetrate the product. We then dip our nails in lukewarm water for a few minutes. No sweet almond oil on hand? A few drops of dish soap in lukewarm water will be equally effective.

Moreover, One trick: one capsule of Polident is added in the water to have nails of an immaculate whiteness.

Fourth step:
The cuticles are then gently pressed with a box of boxwood, and cleansed with a handkerchief.

Step Five: Polish
We use a polisher to smooth our nails and make them shiny. This step will also facilitate the application of the varnish if one chooses to apply it.

Sixth step: we varnish
A base (moisturizing, hardening or conventional) is applied to prevent the nail from turning yellow and to help the varnish hold for longer. The varnish is applied in five strokes of brushes, and the turn is played! One thing: leave a small space between the edge of the nail and the skin. In addition to lengthening the nail, it gives it a nice shape.

Step Seven: Skin
Finally, the burrs corrected around the nail with a corrective pen or a box of boxwood soaked in soft solvent. Finish with a layer of clear varnish (finishing lacquer) which will give a touch of shine to the nail and will guarantee a better hold of the color varnish. We then moisturize our hands to soften them.Manicure

Spring-Summer 2017 Manicure Trends

Moreover, if we wear our nails short, we opted this season for the dark colors, which were also very in this winter: black, navy, indigo, purple, dark red. We prefer to have the nails a little longer? We shall then be careful not to be too long, and we shall use a rounded or, on the contrary, almost pointed form. As for the colors, one will learn for pink, orange or red tints. For those who love the French manicure, which is still a classic, this season is innovating with a pink finish lacquer. Before applying nail polish first know What is nail polish?

However, the Essentials for Successful Home Manicure are:
Solvent-free acetone
A soft file
A polisher
A boxwood stick
A corrector pen (optional)
A nail base
A choice of color varnish
A finish lacquer
A fast-drying varnish
A small bowl
A nail brush

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