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Makeup styles: Permenant Makeup

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Makeup styles: Permanent Makeup

A make-up that never flows and that remains impeccable whatever the time of day, a dream?. This is possible with permanent makeup. It is one of the Makeup styles that is always according to the Latest trend.
The principle
Permanent makeup is … a tattoo! a little special realized with ultra-fine needles equipped with a blocking system. That does not penetrate the deep dermis. Injecting mineral ( Mineral Makeup or synthetic pigments into the surface of the skin, above the small blood vessels. These first test in the laboratory, so as not to cause allergies, and it is of course up to you to choose the color.

This technique is there to redraw the sparse eyebrows. To trim the lips too thin or badly drawn, to highlight the outline of the eye. To conceal a scar or to be added a mole.

After making a pencil drawing, the professional introduces the pigments millimeter per millimeter with a needle, under local anesthesia. This is much less harm than a classic tattoo.
An intervention takes an average of 1 hour. A retouch is confirming 2 weeks later. Afterward, the skin is red and slightly swollen for 8 to 15 days. The retouched areas must then be properly scrub with an antiseptic.

Permanent but not final
It is a daily makeup, so it must remain very natural ( Natural Makeup Look ). Which does not prevent to intensify according to its desires, with classic makeup.
As time goes on and the skin exfoliates naturally. The pigments eliminate and the color reduces. Its performance depends on the speed at which the skin is renewed, the colors applied, and the lifestyle (the sun, for example, alters the pigments).

The makeup is therefore permanent but only for 2 to 3 years. Which is not necessarily an evil: fashion changes and makeup trends too.

– Permanent makeup stays in place, does not sink, does not dribble and is still impeccable in the early morning. After a sports session or a day at sea.
– We practically do not bleed with this technique and we are therefore quickly presentable.
– Pitting stimulates micro-circulation and activates the activity of the cells: fine lines fade, especially around the lips.

makeup Styles

Makeup Styles


Precautions to take
– Before making a permanent make-up, always take a time of reflection. The results can be very beautiful … or catastrophic when this durable makeup is poorly practiced.
– Choose a recognized professional, a dermatologist or a specialized esthetician. For this also read our blog What to ask your Skin care Physicians?
– Before the operation, ask for a quote specifying the price and the part of the face to repair. Make also stipulate that the visit of control is free, and what pigments they are using.

Colors and layouts must be subject to your agreement.
– Also require the use of mineral pigments, which are not harmful to the body.
– Ask to check the needle decontamination lot number. It goes without saying that these must be disposable.
– Each permanent makeup is using surgical gloves.
– Beware, more and more institutes are embarking on permanent makeup with very low prices. Very often using small devices without any security. And low-end pigments whose colors are visible in a few months.

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