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Makeup remover according to skin type

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Which makeup remover suits your skin?

 Makeup removing is a must have a step to claim a beautiful skin that is both smooth and supple. Discover how to choose your makeup remover for a perfect makeup removal adapted to your needs, and especially, your type of skin.

The step of removing makeup is essential morning and evening. Because cleansing your skin not only eliminates make-up, but also all impurities related to pollution. A badly cleaned skin eventually clogs the pores. Quickly, the complexion becomes dull and small pimples appear. Using a makeup remover is also an essential gesture to ensure a better makeup. Soft, silky skin reveals a radiant complexion!. To know the right way to remove makeup please read our blog How to remove makeup before bed?

You have dry or sensitive skin

Often torn by a lack of sebum, the dry skin must bet on nourishing and ultra-soft textures. Choose creamy milk, rich in moisturizing active ingredients, rinse-free emulsions or make-up remover oils. That provide the skin with essential fatty acids and provide a great feeling of softness and suppleness.

Procedure: Flush milk or mousses with lukewarm tap water, but if the water is too limestone, use mineral water instead. If you prefer oil, cleansing cream or milk, simply wipe your face with a cotton swab moistened with lotion. Small tip: If your skin is dry, opt for a spray of thermal water in the morning and reserve the complete make-up in the evening.

Makeup remover

Makeup remover

You have oily or mixed skin

These types of skin need freshness, they like to feel washed thoroughly in order to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of fat. Products that rinse with water are recommended, and especially those based on purifying essential oils. The cleansing gels, fresh and non-greasy, tone, purify and soften the epidermis. Cleansing water, light and transparent, are recommended for fatty or mixed skins that make up little makeup. Their action is both cleansing and toning.

Procedure: Place a nut of gel in the palm of your hand, add a little water and apply on the face. For an effective rinse, take a washcloth wrung out. Then apply a tonic lotion to remove the last traces of makeup. For cleansing waters, they apply on the whole face with a cotton and do not rinse. Small tip: For a radiant and toned complexion, a final cold rinse tightens the pores and revives the complexion.

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