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Summer Makeup looks

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Summer makeup looks
Summer is fast approaching! Gilded sun, turquoise sea, light colored outfits are all inspirations that found in a summer make-up. Glowy, natural, coral, sparkling …There’s something for everyone! Discover some tips about summer makeup looks to be at the top this summer. For more tips about makeup tips during summer please read our blog Best summer makeup tips.


To avoid shining like a lighthouse in the middle of the night, use a mattifying product based on silicone before the make-up. “Silicone captures the light and prevents it from being reflected by the skin”. Besides, it allows the makeup to hold longer.
In matters of beauty, precipitation never gives anything good. If you use a moisturizer in summer, allow it to penetrate well before applying the foundation. The skin will be less oily and you will have less of a layered cake with successive layers of products.

Beware of water-based products.
This is a common myth: in summer, it is better to choose water-based makeup products than oil-based. Not really”It does not make sense. A water-based foundation is never water repellent! “Since most of us sweat when it’s hot, let’s avoid those textures that tend to sink with the first drop of sweat.

Prefer fluid textures.
In summer, the skin is more tanned, the complexion more united. Why cover it? If you have blemishes, just hide them with foundation, without putting on the whole face. Fluid foundations that are light, with light pigments are flattering to everyone, especially on combination skin. They reflect the light across the face and compensate for the brightness of the T-zone. Also, read for best tips on Best Makeup Trends in Summer.

Use absorbent papers
These tracing papers cover with a thin layer of powder that absorbs the reflection of light on the face. Perfect for mopping the forehead and nose during the day.

Attention with powder
Avoid putting on moist skin, since the powder will have the unfortunate tendency to stick and sheep. Sponge first the shiny area with a paper towel, then apply a thin layer of translucent powder.

Tinted creams
Learn the truth about tinted creams
They do not camouflage anything at all. “It’s great if you have a nice little tan that you can show off” because it gives a very natural look in combination with a concealer.

Apply waterproofing products.
If you think mascaras, pencils and water-repellent foundations are uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Then you have not bought a waterproofing product for ten years. Today, the formulas have been refined.

Let the tanned skin speak for itself.
A make-up over a tanned skin can quickly turn gray. And when the skin is tanned, it’s no use covering it! Enjoy the good weather to let her breathe.

makeup Looks

Summer makeup looks

Customize your foundation.
In the summer, our complexion changes slightly in color from week to week. If you suddenly bought a wrong foundation that is too pale or too dark, do not throw it away!. Do as professional makeup artists and mix it with another on the back of your hand to get the ideal shade. The process is carried out by trial and error at the beginning. But one quickly becomes an expert in dosage. Some companies make life easier by offering foundations that contain two different shades, to adjust according to our skin tone of the moment.

Adopt the bright colors.
Summer is the only time of year when you can afford a turquoise eye pencil or an orange lipstick. So why not dare? Nothing appears as well on a tanned skin as an electric color!

Be logical in handling bronzing powder.
The sun does not strike everywhere equally, so why uniformly sweep the bronzing powder on the face? “By doing this, women get old and tarnish”. Read our blog for more Sun Care tips.

Some rules for Summer makeup looks

Rule # 1: Do not choose a too dull powder, which affects the complexion.
Rule # 2: Shake the brush to remove excess.

Then sweep it over the areas where the sun strikes first: the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the top of the chin and forehead.

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