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Sexy yet Scary Makeup Halloween Ideas

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Tips for doing Mind blowing Makeup Halloween at home. Whenever Halloween comes and we want to disguise ourselves and make up ourselves we are looking for original ideas that can be made at home. In addition, we have some ideas that we need for Makeup Halloween to make it even better.

In this article, we are going to give you several ideas about the Halloween makeup. Now you can do that at home and we will explain the Makeup Halloween step by step.

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Usually, as we do not like anything complicate our lives, one of the first ideas you can see and imitate in your Makeup Halloween is the skeleton but applied only in the middle of the face. This is achieved with a white paint that we put from the nose and the cheekbones down. On this painting, you will have to apply a little black paint under the cheekbones and on the nose, while on the lips you will have to draw some teeth.

Makeup for step-by-step skeleton Halloween can also be done all over the face. You have to paint the eyes completely black even covering the eyebrows, the nose and you can continue the makeup by the neck, drawing some squares that will mark the spine.

Another interesting thing with skeleton Makeup Halloween is to paint half the face. For that, you have to divide your face in half and apply white paint first. Then you have to make a circle around your eye and eyebrow and paint it in black. You also have to paint the middle of the nose and from the corner of the lip make an extension to the ear with several vertical stripes as a seam.

To the question how to make up on Halloween we bring you another answer: an animal make-up. The most important thing of this makeup is to define the pelillos of the animal that you have chosen. For that, you have to buy a pencil of the right color and paint your face with stripes on the cheeks, cheekbones, nose, and eyebrows. To put a detail of Halloween with red paint you can make in one of your cheeks several stripes as if it scratched. For this also read our blog Cat face makeup.

On the other hand, to skeleton Halloween makeup you can add a denture and you can paint it with the black color. For that first, you have to follow the steps of the seams. And if you do not want to leave it this way then you only have to add a few lines at the top of the seam. And also at the bottom to close the denture. Also, you have to keep in mind that when it comes to making a denture it is better that you also use lips by painting them in the same way.

On the other hand, to the image of the dead or terrifying doll, you can add another detail that will complete your disguise. In the mouth, you can make cross lines that imitate seams or you can also glue cross threads. However, if you choose the threads you have to keep in mind that you will stay up all night without speaking. And without being able to laugh because the threads will break. This way you can make a very modern and original Halloween makeup.

makeup halloween

Makeup Halloween

Some more tips

Good brushes.

There is absolutely no point in trying to get good results. For example, No matter what kind of makeup you choose, brushes are essential!. Also get some sponges, which will serve to fill the bottom or quickly make up your neck and arms, if necessary.

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The base.

If you spend a full hour on makeup, you certainly do not want a little trick on the dance floor enough to spoil everything!. The makeup base is essential to avoid smudges and unpleasant surprises. Apply it to a well cleansed and moisturized skin before you get started! And for extreme wear, use All Nighter fixing spray.Ladies! Do not hesitate to drag your makeup in your bag at the evening. You will be able to do some retouching if necessary, in order to be radiant … er, scary … on all photos.

Ladies! Do not hesitate to drag your makeup in your bag at the evening. You will be able to do some retouching if necessary, in order to be radiant … er, scary … on all photos.

A few days before your party, start practicing! This will save you a lot of headaches the big night comes, believe me.

Look in your kit!.

Before buying a makeup kit that will only be used once or twice. Check if it is possible to use products that you already own at home. Your cosmetic kit contains all the essentials to make a basic makeup for Halloween.

A little extra trick. Do not hesitate to ask a friend for help and help each other when making your makeup. Anyway, it’s more fun at two, right?.

How will you disguise yourself on Halloween? Will you wear makeup at home?. Tell us about your makeup ideas.

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