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7 Tips for Lip Makeup

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Lip Makeup. Lips are the primary beauty of the face and perfect lip makeup makes you look older and hotter. Lips enhance a woman’s beauty. There is nothing like lipstick that makes you look more adorable. So it seems to be easy to apply lip makeup. But to avoid any cracking and smearing of a lip color is not so easy. Because lips makeup has the ability to either run or to make your whole makeup attractive.

You can become the glamorous girl at the party if you just apply lip color a little bit more carefully. It can make you dull and can destroy your glam and charm. So don’t take it as a chance and follow these simple 7 tips for lip makeup to get a perfect look.


1.The first step in applying lip makeup is to clean your lips. Because lip color will look marvelous on clean and smooth lips. Thoroughly clean your lips with a washcloth. Must exfoliate your lips 2 times in a week. It will help to remove any dead cell and your lips are now ready for lipstick.


2. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm that was enriched with natural ingredients. So it will make your lips smoother and a perfect base for applying lipstick. Apply on both upper lips and the lower lips, then remove any excess lip balm. As it will make your lipstick difficult to stay on your lips.


3. Apply a foundation on your lips. The shade of foundation is the same as you apply on your face. It will give you a natural look. Use a sponge or a makeup brush to apply it on your lips. Smile a little bit so that your foundation will get into your lips crease.


4. The most important tip from 7 tips for lip makeup is that to apply a lip liner with a little darker color than your lipstick. It will keep your lip makeup to last longer for hours. Start by outlining your upper lips and then to the lower lips.Fill the first lower part than the upper part. If you want bigger lips than applying a lip liner outside the lip line. Similarly, if you want smaller lips, then apply a lip liner inside the lip line. Apply a concealer to hide your original lip line.


5. Now paint a lip color, you have chosen, that fits with your dress and your skin tone. Apply a lipstick first to the lower lips from center to right then left. Similarly, apply to the upper lips from center to right then left. Press or gently rub the 2 lips to spread the lip color evenly. Apply the second coat to the lips to give them a noticeable shade for a long time.


6. Apply a lip gloss to enhance your lipstick and give it a shiny effect. It is optional because it depends on you to either you want a shiny look or a matte look. Or you can simply apply a little gloss on the center of your lower lips to give a glossy effect.


7. Remove any excessive lipstick or lipgloss with a tissue or washcloth. Apply a white pencil on the cupid’s bow. It will give a natural shape to your lips. Apply a concealer to the outer side of your lip line to remove any extra lipstick.

Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup

These 7 tips for lip makeup will totally change your look from dull to glamorous. Don’t forget to remove your lip makeup before going to bed. As many of them contain lead that is harmful to your health. For more information about these lipsticks just read my blog lead in lipstick”.

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