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How to Wear sexy Black Lip color

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How to Wear Black lip color.

Before telling you a little more about the makeup trends of the autumn-winter. I propose to you to discover below how to wear the Black lip color. Good luck!.
The return of the cold and the winter one is particularly conducive to the revision of his makeup routine. More often than not, one exchanges its BB cream against a foundation anti-dirty trunk of autumn. And its lip glosses peach or orange against lipsticks very opaque and creamy.

Black lip color: why and how?.

Wearing black lipstick, like having gray or purple hair, is proof of an original style totally assumed. So there is no DOs and DONTs about it. Nor a more appropriate occasion than another to display a beautiful coal-colored mouth. From the moment you feel you are wearing your head held high. Anyway, whatever your look, it’s not a choice of lipstick that leaves people indifferent, so be sure to be able to support reproving looks!. For more don’t take it as a chance and follow these simple 7 tips for lip makeup to get a perfect look.

Be careful though: it is not because it is an unusual color that it must be applied anyway!. Before covering your lips with black, prepare your mouth by making a light scrub. To do this, press for a few minutes a cotton soaked in warm water on your lips. Water and heat will soften the small dead skin and allow to remove them very easily, gently rubbing the cotton against your mouth. Then apply a nourishing balm to smooth and protect the skin.

Once your mouth is soft, draw its outline with a black pencil as for your eyes then pencil the inside of your lips. You can then apply your lipstick with a small brush or directly to the grape. Matte or satin-colored, it’s up to you to see the texture with which you are most comfortable!.

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I’m afraid of the dark, what are the alternatives?

If the carbon mouth makes a crazy effect on glossy paper, assuming lips “Raven” in everyday life is not necessarily obvious. Fortunately, there are alternatives for those who want to rub off the trend without leaving feathers there.

If you ever want to throw your mouth first on a black grape, begin by getting used to wearing dark colors like burgundy, eggplant or purple. In contrast to the flashy colors, the dark shades tend to harden the face. See the effect a dark lip color has on your pretty face will allow you to better understand the look that interests you.

Once this first step has passed, if you want to give a vampy-glam touch to your lips. Without going completely on the dark side of the Force, you can perfectly cover your usual red with a black gloss. In addition to shimmering your mouth. A gloss will give it beautiful dark reflections while transparent.

lip color

Lip color

Finally, if you feel ready to move on to the next level, you can embark on a more or less intense shadow.

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You’ll see, it’s much simpler than it looks. Using a small brush, begin by drawing the outline of your lips with a very dark lipstick or downright black. Descend the color up to half of your lips, leaving your heart intact. Then apply a lighter shade to the center of your mouth. Then press your lips against each other to mix the two tones. You can then use your little brush to re-intensify the contours or add a little clear in the center of the mouth.

And the rest of the face?.

With such an intense mouth, it is important not to overload the rest of your makeup. So you can forget the smokey eye Makeup or hypergraphic contouring. There’s nothing better than a subtly worked complexion with concealer. Also, blush and a mascara shot to highlight dark lips.

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