Lead in Lipstick

Lead in lipstick – Safe Cosmetics tips

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Lead in lipstick, Every day about hundreds of thousands of women wore lipstick. Because they do not know that their lipstick shades probably have dangerous elements. Lead and other harmful metal are found in unexpected brands of lipsticks. Lead is a chemical which causes cancer. The increased amount of lead means the significant possibility of causing cancer.


The subjection of lead in lipstick can create a range of harmful effects to your health. It can cause some behavioral issues and learning disorders and also can lead to death. It is a component which is so harmful that even it is not permitted to be mixed in petrol and paints. This means that women who wear lipstick many times a day can easily be absorbing the heavy amount of lead. Also, they are ingesting a high amount of other chemicals.


These toxic elements are not only be taken through tablets but also being absorbed by our epidermis. Lead and other hazardous components are not only restricted to lipstick. Instead, they are also found in deodorants, other makeup products, and in shampoos also. These products generally do not go through any trial application so, choose your product wisely.


Lead is completely prohibited in Canada in their cosmetics. It is not allowed to be put as an element in makeup products, and no brand in Canada is allowed to contain more than just traces of lead. Three simple steps to check either your lipstick contains lead or not are as below:-

  1. On your hand put some lipstick.
  2. Use a Gold ring and rub it on the lipstick. 3. Your lipstick contains lead if its color changes to black.

Lead in Lipstick

lead in lipstick



If you’re worried about lead in lipstick than taking these three steps:

Write an email or call to the organization that produces your beloved lipstick brands. And also make an appeal to sell products with no lead in them as they are supreme to you.

Do not let your kids play with your lipsticks.  As your children are more endangered to the effects caused by lead. It can also affect their normal brain developmental process.

Some researchers came to this conclusion that lead is not safe for children and experts to say to prevent children and pregnant women from lead exposure.


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