How to Take care of your skin

How to take care of your skin

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How to take care of your skin, A quality skin protecting routine can slow the process of aging. Also, it can stop skin issues such as pimples, lack of moisture. Also, prevent patches on the skin and burning due to sun rays. As matured skin produces less natural oils and is more susceptible to damage. Beautiful and healthy skin requires daily care.
To take care of your skin and more, if you want a radiant complexion all the year. There are certain essential skin care routines. Whatever the nature of your skin, here are 10 rules you need.
1.know your skin type:-

3 types of skins are there:

  1. oily
  2. dry
  3. neutral

Before applying any product you must know your skin type.


2.Pay attention to the most sensitive areas:-
Take the best care of your eyes and lips as they are the sensitive parts of your face. Because they have delicate and fine veins. They become attacked more frequently than other parts.

  1. A gentle cleaning:-
    Sensitive skin care begins with cleaning. To avoid attacking of the skin and maintaining its balance, use physiological makeup remover. That is specially formulated to take care of your skin with care.
  2. Moisturize your skin:-

You must moisturize your skin twice after cleansing and toning. In the morning and before going to bed.

  1. Exfoliation is essential:-
    Exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. Remember to use a suitable scrub. It should be effective, yet gentle and respectful to the skin. Choose an exfoliate. Which is ideal for softening and purifying the skin respecting its balance.
  2. Hydration is essential:-
    The dermis is composed of 70% of water. And the epidermis contains 15%. To maintain a good level of hydration, it is important to use a daily moisturizing care. Because that it balances the water level in the heart of the skin.
  3. Choose, if possible a low-allergenic makeup:-
    If your skin got rashes after using certain products then stop using it. Because it is not for your skin type. Choose instead,  a hypoallergenic makeup. These are specially formulated to meet the need of sensitive skin.
  4. Protect yourself from the sun:-
    Whatever the season, choose a day care that incorporates a sunscreen. It allows you to mitigate the adverse effects of the sun, accelerator of skin aging.
  5. Care for external aggression:-
    Try to keep yourself away from pollution, tobacco, and stress. These all have a very bad effect on the skin. Keep these factors in mind to protect your skin before leaving home.
    Very important, clean your skin at night, even if you have not done makeup during the day.
  6. Makeup removal:-

Makeup removal must also be part of the daily gestures to have a beautiful skin. Without removing makeup, excess sebum accumulates. The complexion becomes grayish and the skin dries. Which results in the formation of wrinkles and imperfections. Makeup removal must precede cleaning and hydration.


some more advice on “HOW TO TAKE CARE OF GOOD SKIN” are:-


Dispose of expired makeup:-
Would you eat a tablet that has already expired months ago? No, then why with makeup. After all, expired cosmetic products can lead to rashes, pimples or other skin problems.

Keep your accessories clean:-

Clean your screen from your smartphone some Investigations have shown that the screen of your smartphone contains 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Clean your smartphone daily with a clean cloth, So that pimples have no chance.

How to take care of your skin

By adopting the few simple steps as above can make your skin looks healthier and more beautiful for many years.

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How to Take care of your skin

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