How to remove makeup

How to remove makeup before to bed

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How to remove makeup. Makeup remover is used to remove the combination of makeup used on the skin. It is applied before bedtime moisturizer and cleanses the skin thoroughly. Cleansing is a quality step among one of the steps in skin care routine.
When you came home after a long, tired day, or get home from a weekend party in the late night, you may not force yourself to remove your makeup and get straight into the bed. Do you think it’s good for you? no, it’s harmful to your skin. If you leave your makeup overnight, It causes your skin to dry and forms breakout and also can clog your pores. Just follow these few steps and came to know that how to remove makeup. By following these steps your skin will be looking refreshed and happy next morning (Morning skin care routine).

  1. Remove eye makeup:

While removing makeup you first start it from the eyes:

Dual phase eye makeup remover joins an oil-based remover dissolving power with the soft and calming qualities of cleansing water. This is good if you wore a heavy eye makeup- just shake the bottle before use, as the remover formula will separate.
The oil-based cleanser has the quality to absorb the waterproof makeup,  because of this, you don’t have to rub or scrub your eyes or to damage your lashes. Dip a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and hold it on your closed eyes for about 20 Sec. It will absorb your 50% makeup residues. Then move the cotton pad in downward circular movements. Turn its side and now move the cotton pad in an upward direction. This will help you to remove eye makeup easily with gentle strokes.For liquid liners, you can use cleansing milk.

How to remove makeup

  1. Remove foundation and blusher:

Firstly make a ponytail or use hair bands to keep your hairs away from your face.Then take the amount of cleansing milk depending upon how much makeup you have applied. Put it onto your fingers and give gentle strokes in circular motions. This will remove your makeup in no time just 45 seconds. If you have worn liquid foundation or long lasting one, then you should first clean it before washing your face.


Please choose a light cleanser that doesn’t contain any residue or if you want natural cleanser, go with coconut oil.

If you have oily skin, then remove makeup with wipes. It will gently cleanse your skin. Use good quality cold cream to remove any remaining makeup. Start removing it using a warm cloth gently. It will take off all your makeup at once.

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How to remove makeup


3.Removing lipstick:

To remove lipstick, put a thick layer of petroleum jelly with your fingers on your lips. It will gently cleanse your lips at once and also helps to moisturize them. Remove it with the soft pad after 5 minutes.

Exfoliation is also a good procedure to remove dead cells. If a little lip color left o]0n your lips than exfoliating it by using a mixture of brown sugar and honey on a toothbrush by the circular motion. It will remove lip color thoroughly and also exfoliation process gives moisture, so that when you wake up in the morning your lips are ready to put a new color.


Use a toner to remove any residue after removing makeup. It will help to restore the natural pH of the skin. It will also help to enhance the appearance of your skin.


Hope after reading this blog you will come to know that HOW TO REMOVE MAKEUP?. For any question, feel free to comment below.

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