How to prevent acne

How to prevent acne

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How to prevent acne? Acne is a big problem faced by many men and women. It is not caused due to dirty skin. Pimples are caused when your pores get blocked due to the extra oil in your skin glands. Mostly women and men got acne during their teenage. Oil glands get energized when hormones turn lively during this age. Also, the liability of getting acne is due to your genes. It may be in your family passed to them from their ancestors.


Many peoples sometimes get thinking for hours on this question that How to prevent acne?. Here are 7 tips or steps for you on How to prevent acne:


  1. Cleaning:

The first step in the process of forbidding acne is to clean or wash your face two times every single day. Use oil control cleanser or specially formulated acne preventing face wash to take control of your acne or pimples. Avoid rubbing your skin during washing. Use your hands softly on your face and rinse it well. Use a clean towel and do wash your towel twice in a week. Because bacterias are spread mostly by a dirty towel from one person to another.


  1. Moisturizing:

This step is so important. Every skin either dry or oily needs moisturizing after washing. Because it helps your skin to restore its moisture, which was taken away from your face after using face wash. Choose the best moisturizer according to your skin type. Use either gel-based moisturizers or non-comedogenic products. Which means they do not cause acne and gives your skin a balanced moisture.


  1. Use less makeup:

Always remove your makeup before going to sleep. if you have acne skin then try to lower down your makeup needs. As makeup products contain many chemicals which will make your acne difficult to vanish. If it’s important for you to apply cosmetic then use oil free products.


  1. Hair problems also cause acne:

If you have oily skin then pay more attention to your hair textures. Wash them after every other day. Your scalp liberates some natural oils to give a shining effect to your hairs. But too much oil can cause acne on your forehead. Try to avoid using too many products on your hairs for a long time like gel, mousse, hairspray. Because they will block your pores and causes acne.

5. Stop touching your face:

Try not to touch your face all the time. And do not touch your acne as it will spread the bacteria. Your pimples will irritate you but do not touch them because it will make your pimples to stay long.


  1. Protection from sun rays:

Try to keep your face cover with a sunblock with SPF 30. Apply it at least 25 to 30 minutes before exposure to sun rays. As acne skin is most sensitive to sunlight so stop coming out in contact with ultraviolet rays. They are more dangerous for your acne skin.


  1. Hydrate yourself:

Drink at least 12 to 14 glass of water during the summer season and 8 to 10 glass during the winter season. keep yourself hydrated because it will help you to clear your skin and to maintain it healthy.

By following these tips you will surely get rid of acne. To get more information about skin care please read our blog How to take care of skin and How to take care of the face.

How to prevent acne

How to prevent acne


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