how to plump lips

How to plump lips Naturally

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How to plump lips naturally
Here are some steps on How to plump lips naturally. A woman’s lips are often the most important part of her face. That’s why we all try to have naturally luscious and sexy lips on a daily basis. This look that will go perfectly with a dark makeup for your evenings or a sober and fresh makeup for the day.
Makeup for dense lips
One way to have more luscious and thick lips is to use the makeup you use in your daily life. To make a perfect outline of your lips, choose a lip pencil close to the hue of the lipstick you are going to apply.

The trick is to draw your line of lipstick either below or above the natural line of the lip to give a pulping effect. Try not to overdo it. Then, fill the liner with your lipstick, then place a little gloss in the center of the upper part of the lower lip. This technique will create an optical illusion to give volume and density to your lips.

Natural recipe to plump the lips
There is also a natural recipe to try to plump his lips. For some, it is nothing more simple than going to draw in his pantry.

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Peppermint and cinnamon oil are known for their repulping effect thanks to the increased blood flow they cause when applied to the lips. This has only a short duration effect. The application of these ingredients would be perfect for an evening. Be careful not to apply pure cinnamon oil directly to the lips, as it can cause tingling or burning. To avoid this, try mixing the oil with your favorite lip gloss.

how to plump lips

How to plump lips

Cosmetic product for plumping the lips
Finally, there are more and more cosmetic products to plump the lips. These products often contain cinnamon oil as well as other ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy and retinal acids. Moreover, these products act by irritating the lips. An action that increases blood circulation and collagen production, resulting in a swollen lip.
If you can not stand the idea of having a needle injected into the lips, follow the above little tricks makeup to have lips worthy of a star.

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