How to paint nails

How to paint nails

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How to paint nails?
A task sometimes quite complicated. Well to paint the nails, without touching the skin, without lumps or layers. A task that we often leave to professionals. Despite this, it is possible to get the manicure at home and get good results. By following the advice, you will know how well you paint your nails.

Instructions :

1: First and foremost, take a cotton ball and remove any old nail polish or any oil.

2: It is best and advisable to apply a coat of clear varnish paint on your nails as a base. Once the coat is dry, you can start painting them. The goal is to better protect the nails, besides ensuring that the paint does not reach the cuticle.

3: It is advisable to paint the nails from the half and extend the varnish vertically. Follow only one direction, which will allow you to have nails totally smooth and well painted.

4: The idea is to get thin layers of varnish. It is recommended not to use varnishes that are too old because they will create coarse layers.

5: Before applying the varnish, it is necessary to shake the contents a little. But do not do it from top to bottom as this could form lumps on your nails. Shake it in your hands horizontally and nothing will happen.

6: Finally, to ensure that your nail polish does not peel off, apply another coat to make it solid. Then apply fast drying nail polish top coat. Let your nails rest so that each layer dries. As long as they are not dry, do not apply a new coat


Moreover, following are some more advises on How to paint nails?

The right brush
Important are the brushes. Good are different thick or thin brushes. And one, with which one can paint particularly fine lines. Often these NailArt brushes are offered in the set. Unsuitable are brushes that have rigid, thick bristles, they should be soft and flexible. A good brush care is advisable for preservation.

The best colors
The quality of the colors is very crucial. They should be well covering. Water-based acrylic paints, which can also be diluted with water and mixed with one another, are suitable. Watercolor paints can also be used. Fine, highly pigmented paints such as airbrush paints are suitable for fine lines. Under no circumstances should oil-containing paints be used, as they adversely affect the adhesion of the sealing gel.

How to paint nails


How to paint nails:

The nail is a great way to feel great in everyday life. But how the heck do you get the paint to sit nicely when to do it yourself, with the “wrong” hand?

But when you give up on your other hand, it gets worse. Actually, it is more difficult to paint with the hand that is not your dominant. That is, you are right-handed, it becomes difficult to paint your nails nicely with the left hand. And the corresponding left-handed. Therefore, here are the simple tricks for just wrong-hand-painting is so simple and so smart.

Put both of your hands on the table. Start moving your dominant hand from which you are painting as much as possible. Another tip is that while applying from the left hand.

Move your non-dominant hand on which you are painting away from the brush. And keep still your dominant hand from which you are painting.

How to paint nails


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