How to Brighten Skin

How to Brighten Skin Naturally

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How to brighten skin naturally
If you do not have time to perform facial treatments, apply these remedies before going to sleep for them to work overnight, then remove them by rinsing thoroughly with water in the morning. Continue reading following remedies to know How to brighten skin Naturally.

Having dull, lifeless skin with stains is actually a nightmare, regardless of our age or the time of year. If you are looking for beauty tips to lighten your epidermis, do not hesitate to read this article, and you will know the best remedies for a woman to whiten the skin. To know tips about skin Routines please, read our blog Morning Skincare routine.

Beautiful skin all year round
Undoubtedly, women want to have beautiful skin 365 days a year, like “porcelain”, uniform, no stains, no wrinkles, no apparent grains, no imperfections, no consideration of age, exposure to the sun, etc. For this, we can put the benefits of Mother Nature to advantage own pharmacy box of “first aid cosmetics” to eliminate the dark parts of our skin, and especially that of the face.

Skin stains may result from a number of factors, but mostly from inadequate exposure to ultraviolet radiation or lack of adequate moisture after going to the beach. They are also due to hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, during the period of indisposition and the passage of time. Also, read our blog Sun Care Tips.

Remedies on how to brighten skin Naturally

Lemon juice:

it is a natural and very effective product, known for its lightening properties for the skin thanks to its high content of vitamin C. Which is excellent to regulate the production of melanin. This substance is the attendant to give a color to the skin. Moreover, as lemon contains citric acid, it helps the cell renewal. You have to rub directly a slice of this super food on your face or on the skin you want to lighten. You can also soak a cotton with juice and apply on the skin. Know that after the treatment you can not go out on the street like that. Put on a weekend or holiday to profit to do that. Otherwise, your skin will stain even more.


More specifically its juice, which contains sulfur and vitamin C. Without hesitation, it is an excellent ingredient to be able to have healthy skin throughout the year. It should be used externally if you want to reduce wrinkles, stains or acne marks. It also stimulates hair follicles, disinfects wounds and eliminates dandruff. Put an onion in the centrifuge and soak a cotton with this juice, which you will have to apply on the spots. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes and wash in cold water. Take into account the fact that if the area is irritated it can do a little bit wrong. If the pain is unbearable, rinse immediately.

How to Brighten Skin

Apple vinegar is one of our infallible allies in the list of remedies for health and beauty. This comes from the fact that it has an acidic pH, excellent for tightening pores and for a more uniform and shiny skin. To apply it, you only have to soak a cotton with apple vinegar and put it on the spots, letting it act for about 20 minutes and then washing with cold water. Also, read How to take care of your face.


You have surely heard that Cleopatra, the queen of Ancient Egypt, based her routines of beauty on the use of fermented sour milk. Baths in a lactic acid are used to remove dead skin cells, leaving it softer and cleaner. In addition, it has excellent whitening properties, which help to obtain a uniform complexion, it restores the luminosity of the skin and use it periodically makes it possible to blend the small spots. You can make a “facial peel” by using milk, wetting a cotton in warm or warm liquid. Leave to act all night and rinse the next morning.


its properties are similar to those of milk, as derived from milk, but it also serves to disinfect. It also softens pores, helps to heal and regenerate the dermis, maintain moisture Skin, etc. The lactic ferments serve to prevent skin infections by being a bactericidal barrier. The application of yogurt to lighten the skin is used as a mask. Wash your face well with water and a neutral soap. Remove a generous amount of yogurt by spreading it with your fingers or brush. Leave for about 20 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.


A typical image of beauty treatments is to use cucumber slices for the eyes because as it contains a lot of water, it rests the eyelids. But in addition, the cucumber contains a lot of vitamin E and essential oils. This makes it an excellent ally when you need to lighten your skin and Let really beautiful. It brings softness, removes tasks but also wrinkles. It is necessary to peel a cucumber, remove the seeds and put it in the blender until it forms a paste. Apply to skin for 20 minutes and rinse. The results are almost immediate.

How to Brighten skin naturally

Aloe vera:

The other ingredient that can never be missed in a beauty treatment. It was, in addition to milk, the favorite ingredient of Nefertiti and Cleopatra to remain always beautiful and radiant. Aloe vera nourishes, whitens and moisturizes the skin. Cut a stem of aloe and extract its pulp. Apply it to the areas of the skin you want to lighten and let it act for half an hour before rinsing with lukewarm water.

How to brighten Skin


Tomato juice offers a lot of nutrients that are very good for our skin, Such as vitamins A and C, proteins, as well as lycopene, which reduces the action of “free radicals”. Mix a 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of milk cream with that of a tomato and apply with a cotton on the face. Apply for 15 min then, wash it with a warm water. Use Twice a week to get a glowing and brighter skin.


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