Homemade Body Wash

Homemade Body Wash No Chemicals

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Homemade body wash.It is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and in addition, it gives a healthy life to your body. Not only that, it is also a useful act to keep your money safe. It only takes a few minutes to create this body wash. This is gentle enough to use for shaving and for face also.

Here is the perfect homemade body wash recipe for you to get an awesome glow:



Honey about ΒΌ cup, Vitamin E oil measures about 1 teaspoon, pure essential oils just 60 trickles, Liquid castile soap measures about a β…” cup, and olive oil + jojoba oil + almond oil + sesame oil + grapeseed oil about 2 teaspoons.


Take a bottle with a liquid ejecting top. Put measurable ingredients in it and shake it well. Before each use, shake it gently. Use it on a wet surface. Eject onto the washcloth or directly pour it onto the body. Must be remembered that this body wash does not contain any water, so it can be used up to a year. Make sufficient body wash by doubling the number of ingredients.

If your honey is thick then first make it in liquid form. Because of this, it can be thoroughly mixed with other ingredients. Just before picking the essential oils, keep these simple tips in mind.

If you are making this for your kids then you may delete these essential oils or use half of its amount. The perfect composition is 15 trickles of geranium and 45 trickles of lavender essential oils. This produces a body wash with a sweet smell. Below are some suggestions for the combination of essential oils:


Grapefruit essential oil:

This essential oil is suitable for oily skin. It helps to cleanse and tone your skin. If it is mixed with the above ingredients in the recipe, then a sweet smell of grapes will make your look beautiful.


Sandalwood essential oil:

It helps to prevent acne, for dry skin. Also great for mature skin and for wrinkles. Use it in body wash to have a long lasting beauty.


Tea tree essential oil:

This type of essential oils is the best anti- bacterial oil. It can be mixed with peppermint and lavender essential oil. this oil is useful for rashes, acne and inflamed skin. Do not use too much as it dries your skin.


Lavender essential oil:

It is good for all skin types also for sensitive skin. It helps to soothe itching skin and perfect for acne and mature skin.



It can be mixed to your homemade body wash to brighten your complexion and also to revitalize your skin. Perfect for mature skin to give them a long lasting beauty.


Thus these combinations are best for the preparation of Homemade body wash. After taking shower you can apply the suitable body cream for an extra beauty. For this, you can read my blog β€œwhat is body cream”.

Homemade Body Wash

Homemade body wash

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