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Summer Hair Trends 2017- New Hairstyles and Ideas

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It’s summer now so, there is no better way to welcome summer by going to the salon and to change your hairstyle according to the latest hair trends. When it comes to hair during summer season every woman love to make different hairstyles. Such hairstyles which will not tease them during warm.

Here are some hairstyles according to summer hair trend.

  1. Double sided buns:-

Buns are great and always helpful during the summer season. To make double sided bun follow these steps:-

Coat your hairs with a long lasting hold hair spray. Divide your hairs into two equal parts from above your forehead to back side of your neck. Then make a low ponytail of each side with elastics. Make a twist of each ponytail so that it looks like a snake. Then move it to make a coil just like a spiral. Keep it stay there with the help of bobby pins.


 2. Double braids:-

it is another hairstyle that is according to the latest hair trend. Anyone who wants to make braid first they have to give their hairs some volume. Then make two halves of your hairs. Tie one side so it will be completely kept aside when you make a braid of another half. begin a French braid. Make braid of another half and then join them making another braid and then tie it with elastic.


3. Eye-Length Fringe:-
If you want a change but being nervous about your new look then go to your hairstylist and ask them to make your Eye length fringes. As they are in trend this summer. It’s really a great change to your look without having to take off the length of your hairs. Fringes look awesome on any texture of hair, even on curls.


4. Knotted ponytail:-

Another big change you can give to your hairs by making a ponytail with knots. Cover your whole head with a light but holding spray. Make two sections of your hairs horizontally. One section was above the ear and the other was below. Now split the section that was above the ear in two halves and tie them together in a knot. Then put the another section in half and do as same you do with the previous section. Now take your new 2 sections and tie them with a final knot and hold them together with elastic.


5. Fishtail braid:-

Give your hairs a new look by this awesome summer hair trend. Make a ponytail than dividing it into 2 sections. Now subsection these outside sections. Take the outermost subsection and overlapping it into the middle one. Do this same with the opposite subsections. Keep making it like this until you will come to the end of your hairs then put an elastic to complete it.

Hair trends


Try these 5 looks in this hottest weather, it will take off any sweat and give a confident feeling. If you love to experiment with your hairs than summer season is best for it. So start to change your normal hairstyle routine to these special 5 looks that will make your day according to summer hair trend. And also try to put on new shades to give your hairs an extra stunning look. Also for hair color take a look at my blog summer hair color for amazing shades of hairs. We guarantee your new hair look according to summer hair trend will be astonishing to others.

Hair Trends

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