Good Eyebrows

Get Good Eyebrows at home

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How to get Good Eyebrows at home. Before applying makeup, the eyebrows must be ready! For now, have a mirror, a brush, and tweezers. To get tips on eye makeup please, read our blog Beautiful eye makeup tips.


To define the line of the eyebrow, one combs it towards the outside, or upwards. Any hair that is not in the row is removed with a pair of pliers or trimmed with small scissors.

For perfect eyebrows, be careful not to pluck too much and follow a natural curve. To do this, make sure that the tip of the eyebrow is in the diagonal axis of the outer corner of your eye. To avoid looking astonished at all times, be careful not to over-brush the head. It must be on the same line as the inner corner of your eye.

If you want to radically change the curve of your eyebrows, you should make an appointment with a professional. Who will then adapt the curve to the shape of your eye. Finally, if you have shaved them too much, do not panic, the makeup will always catch up.


For those who do not wish to go through the permanent or semi-permanent make-up box. Which injects pigments under the skin and gives the illusion of a more supplied eyebrow. The makeup trend is to have a thick eyebrow. So it’s not crayons, powder and other waxes that are missing to create the perfect eyebrow.

If they are naturally thick, choose a modeling wax or eyebrow mascara, transparent or colored. Which will tame them and make them hold up all day. Want tips about eye makeup please, read our blog 7 Best Tips for Eye Makeup.

If they are rather sparse and you want to fill the small holes formed by excessively muscular hair removal, privilege the eyebrow pencil. With its fine head and its more or less creamy finish, it allows drawing the hairy eyebrow. For an even more natural result, comb the eyebrow between each stroke of pencil: nothing better to blend the material and keep a pigmentation all in lightness.

Lighter than the pencil, the powder will intensify the finest eyebrows. You can wear an eye shadow that perfectly matches the color of your hair and apply it with a beveled brush. Hold the brush vertically and sweep the product directly onto the skin.

Good Eyebrows

Good Eyebrows


Whatever the chosen tool – pencil, powder, wax or mascara – it is a question of applying make-up with subtlety and highlight the look. A nice line of eyeliner will be noticed much more under a structured eyebrow.

As for the foundation or the lipstick, a nice result will depend mainly on the color chosen. The eyebrow product is therefore chosen according to the color of the hair, and not the color of the hair! Blond hairs will, therefore, choose bright colors while the shades of brown will go to delight the chestnut. The taupe and gray are also perfect colors for browns. Be careful not to choose a shadow or a pencil with red sub-tones, which can plumb all the work of the complexion.

The Bonus tip: Finally, after fixing the eyebrow line, you can bring a light touch under the arch and above the eyebrow arch: result perfect complexion guaranteed! Get your concealer, highlighter or iridescent shadow, and illuminate these two areas for a make up zero defect.

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