Eyeliner Styles

Different Eyeliner Styles according to your eyes shape

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Eyeliner Styles, According to the shape of your eyes

The eyeliner is and will remain the essence of your makeup kit. It has the power to metamorphose your gaze with a single stroke. Whether you have round, almond-shaped eyes, large or small, the Eyeliner Styles will bring your eye makeup to that stage that really makes all the difference.

In terms of makeup, however, there are certain rules to follow to put your face to the fullest value. You should always consider your skin type, the shape of your face or the color of your eyes before you apply makeup. And the eyeliner does not escape the rule!. From the following Eyeliner Styles choose your style according to the shape of your eyes.

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If your eyes are too far apart, your goal is to give the illusion that your eyes are closed, thanks to the Eyeliner. How? Draw a line of eyeliner on the first half of the eye. From the inside to the outside, on the lower and upper part of the eye. It is enough to cheat and accentuate the liner in the inner corner of the eyes to create an optical effect.


Conversely, if you want to give the illusion that your eyes are distant. You must work the tips of the eyes to give the impression that your gaze is longer. How? Draw a line of eyeliner on the second half of the eye, from the outside to the inside. On the lower and upper part of the eye. For more effect, you can also thicken and remount your eyeliner line, outward. To create a small comma and lengthen your eyes.

Know that you have the shape of the eyes best adapted to reproduce the trend of the eyeliner graphic, which will stretch your eyes to the maximum.


Those who have the round eyes dream of having almond eyes, who can afford everything level make-up! Your objective, therefore, is to give them a more oval shape and play with your line of the liner to lengthen your gaze. To do this, imagine that your eye is divided into three parts. Then draw a line of eyeliner on the 2/3 of the eye, on the lower and upper part of the eye. You can either drag the line from inside to outside or vice versa. And it is enough to have the line outward for a “doe-eyed” effect that will enlarge and lengthen your gaze.

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You want to give the illusion that your eyes are more open. How? You can enlarge your eyes by applying a line of fine black eyeliner on the upper part of the eye. Moreover, banish the eyeliner on the bottom of the eye, which tends to weigh down the look.

Our tip: Before drawing your line of eyeliner, place a line of a white or nude pencil at the level of the lower eyelashes and in the mucosa to maximize your gaze.

Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner Styles



In this specific case, you do not want to change the shape of your look, you have the ideal eye shape, so know little lucky, that virtually every style of eyeliner strokes you go! Rather than cheating to change the shape of your eyes, you need to intensify and sublimate your gaze. For this, draw all the upper contour of the eye of a line of eyeliner, thin or thick, depending on the intensity sought, hypnotic look guarantees!.

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