Eyeliner Ideas

Amazing Eyeliner Ideas

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Amazing Eyeliner Ideas. What is the use of the Eyeliner?

The eyeliner is ideal for redesigning the look: it can give it more presence, but also lengthen the eyes. It also makes it possible, when using colored eyeshadow, to frame it and to structure the make-up. Depending on the thickness of the line or the shape of the comma, the eyeliner gives the look more or less intensity. For tips on Halloween makeup please read our bog How to do Cat face makeup.

Which texture to choose?

The choice of the texture does not play so much on rendering, but especially on the way in which the liner applies.

– The solid line: presented in a small pot, this eyeliner applies to the brush. It allows rather thick traits, perfect for a rocky look. Also, note that it lasts very long.

– Liquid liner: it allows to make finer lines, and can have different applicators:

A brush tip: very precise, the brush tip is very fine but a little difficult to handle for a beginner.

A hard tip: sometimes the eyeliner has an applicator like a “stick”. It is effective for making very fine traits but sometimes tends to make smudges.

A felt tip: the felt applicator is the most suitable eyeliner for beginners, as it allows a fine and thick stroke. The only fault: the eyeliner felt tends to dry quite quickly, making the line less intense and harder to achieve.

We do not forget either the pin-up line, with a well-curved comma, or the more graphic liner, ending with a dot. One leaves one’s creativity, as long as one does not distort the shape of the eyelid. The comma which descends, which migrates in the natural fold of the eyelid, or which leaves in arabesque tends to plumb the glance.

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In all cases, we begin in the same manner: we trace first a line along the eyelid, at the level of the eyelashes. The comma or point afterward. For the beginners, the easiest way is to slightly extend the natural line of the eyelid by going up. You can also use a point at the point where you want to end the comma, then join the two ends.

Idea received: “You have to pull your eyelid to make your mark”. Bad. By pulling, one arrives certainly to a more controlled trait, but it happens that as soon as one releases the eyelid. One realizes that the trait is not adapted to the eye. The easiest way is to make a draft stroke, to begin with, and then retouch it as the application progresses.

Eyeliner Ideas

Eyeliner ideas

How to adapt the liner to the shape of its eyes?

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A great philosophical debate, if any, the shape of the eyes can be softened or enhanced by the liner.

  • For very small or very round eyes: these particular forms require the length thanks to the liner. So there is no hesitation in extending the comma rather than using a simple line. The liner is not returned to the lower mucosa, which closes the eye even more.
  • For drooping eyelids / a very small fixed eyelid: the syndrome of “I put on eyeshadow but it was not visible” is unfortunately rather deadly when it comes to putting liner. The only solution, in this case, is to make a very fine line, one favors the brush tip.

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