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7 Best Tips for Eye Makeup

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Eyes are the most prominent and first to be observed by some peoples. So to make your eyes attractive use some glamorous eye makeup looks. Eye makeup totally changes your look and give you a stunning appearance.

Whenever you start doing makeup for any event, the first significant stage is your eye makeup. During eye makeup, you might do some mistakes but they are a part of your gaining knowledge process. For newcomers, it must be a tough task but with the passage of time, it becomes so easy. Here are 7 tips to apply eye makeup:


  1. Washing or cleaning:

It is the first step in applying eye makeup. Wash your eyes thoroughly or clean them before doing eye makeup. Do not put any moisturizer on your eyes because this will make it oily so that no makeup will keep there for a long time.


  1. Primer:

Use primer onto your eyelids. It will make your eyelids surface smooth and make it a makeup sticky surface. That will stick your makeup for a long time. For applying primer, you can use a brush or you can also apply it with your finger. Some primers help to cover any redness or veins. It gives a perfect base and helps your eye makeup colors to look bright and attractive.


  1. Concealer:

Now it’s time for concealer. Apply it around your eyes. It helps to cover dark circles. Apply it with your concealer broom or you can spread it with your index finger to the darker areas. Massage it gently until your dark circles vanish completely. Use not more than 2 or 3 drops or it depends on how much darker areas you want to conceal. Buy your concealer by testing it on your inner wrist and choose the one that covers your veins completely.


  1. Applying eyeshadow:

For applying eyeshadow you have to choose a three color plan. Three parts of your eye where eyeshadows are applied: eyelid, crease and brow bone.

Use soft neutral colors upon your eyelid. Then apply a light color on your brow bone. this part by using the delicate colors. Take a dark color and apply it on your crease (a curve between your eyelid and browbone). Use gentle strokes from the outer corner to inner corner of the eye. Blend these colors to enhance your natural look.


  1. Eyeliner:

Start to apply liner from one corner to the bottom and then from the other corner of the eye to meet the first line at the bottom. it makes a straight and smooth eyeliner.


  1. Kajol or highlighter:

Use a black Kajol or a white one to enhance your eyes look. Or you can use a silver or golden highlighter, apply one of these to the inner eye part. It will make your eyes to look bigger and attractive.


  1. Mascara:

First bend your lashes by an instrument made especially for curling lashes, finally apply a mascara, first to upper lashes in upward direction than to lower lashes in the downward direction.

These 7 tips to apply eye makeup are very important for a good eye makeup. It helps you to make your overall look beautiful and stunning. Always remember to remove makeup before going to bed for this you can read my blog How to remove makeup?.

Eye makeup

Eye Makeup

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