Eye Liner

Eye Liner

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Eye Liner

By highlighting the edge of the eyelids and matching the eyelashes to perfection, the eyeliner gives us the classy and sensual look. Today, the stars love it and continue to adopt it. Because the art of eye liner has not exclusively reserved for them, you are given a few Eye Liner tips to match them and succeed your Beautiful eye makeup.

How to choose your eyeliner?

The Colour
The eyeliner is often black. Classic, glamorous, this color adapts to every occasion: for a make-up day and evening. It has the advantage of giving a depth to the look in one stroke.
However, if you choose a colored eyeliner, avoid tones at all costs. Associating the color of her eyes with that of her make-up affects the complexion and hardens the facial features.
Blue eyes should, therefore, avoid blue eyeliner. Similarly, green eyes should avoid green, etc.

The only exception is the brown eyes which, lucky, can almost afford everything, including the brown eyeliner.
In winter, light eyes can choose plum tones, brown or even navy blue. The brown eyes can be adorned with a dark brown or a black to give more depth to the eyes while the hazel eyes can adopt coppery colors as well as blue eyes. If you have green eyes, choose a burgundy or purple.

Apply your eyeliner

The texture
The eyeliner can be in the form of a pencil, kohl, jar (gel, cream) or liquid. Attention, if you choose the pencil, it must be perfectly cut.

A line of eyeliner for the day

For optimum results, it is best to start by brushing your eyebrows with a brush, as these are the basis for eye makeup.
Then, the thicker your line of eyeliner, the more irreproachable your complexion (imperfections, shine, hair removal, dark circles, etc.), since the eyeliner accentuates the eye.

The application depends on the shape of your eyes:
– If your eyes are rather round: accentuate the outside of the eye.
– Either your eyes are elongated or almond-shaped: make a line to the inner corner of the eye by thickening the middle.
– If your eyes are small: work the outside of the eye up and down to enlarge the eyes.

Too many women, follow the natural line of the eye. It’s an odd one. By doing so, you accentuate your defects!. The best gesture is from the inside of the eye to the outside. And, raise your eyelid to avoid looking down.
At the end of the eyeliner line, leave the natural shape of the eyelid to raise the lineup slightly and form a (larger or smaller) comma. This gesture allows you to open your eyes.
Moreover, To refine the layout, blend lightly with a brush or a foam tip.
Finally, underline the outer corner of the eye, always blurring the eyeliner line.

Eye Liner

Eye Liner

– Firstly, For a perfect eyeliner line, you can lightly cut a pencil with a pencil sharpener or a handkerchief.
– Soak your brush very slightly in a little water.
– Similarly, For an even more intense and intense result, add a touch of light with a little iridescent shade applied to the finger or the brush.

A line of eyeliner for the night

A makeup with a touch of eyeliner brings a lot of intensity to a makeup for the evening. If you want a Black smoky eye makeup and charcoal look, work the arcade with a dark shadow.
Blend with a piece of cotton or a brush. Always on the finger, blend the outer corner of the eye. To avoid weighing down the eyes, we advise you to take the bone of the temple as a fulcrum.
Wet your brush lightly.
Moreover, Prepare your course with a little shade and underline the outer corner of the eye.
This will facilitate the use of the liquid eyeliner. To avoid overflowing, wring out your brush. Want a purple smokey eye makeup then read this blog Purple smokey eye makeup.

Finally, Advice:
– Make a line of eyeliner in one go to avoid trembling.
– Shake your eyeliner before spreading the pigments.
– Tighten the eyelid well to avoid wrinkles and unsightly demarcation.
– Close your eyes and let dry, especially if you have small eyelids.

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