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Natural care for Dyed hair

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Natural care for Dyed hair.

After a coloration, the Dyed Hair become weak. To maintain your color while preserving the quality of your Dyed hair, nothing like the natural care that does not attack the hair fiber. Indeed, the care enriched with plant extracts such as honey or Shea re hydrate. That effectively protect the hair while maintaining the brilliance of the color, and this, respecting the planet, please!.

Natural care for the beauty of colored hair.

Chemical staining requires aggressive hair treatment. The principle is to release the hair fiber and modify the natural structure of the hair to incorporate the synthetic color. Thus causing a chemical reaction. A real shock treatment. This is why, at the moment, more and more hairdressers propose vegetable coloring in their salons.

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Prepare hair with shampoo.

The “pre-shampoo” is not a compulsory cap but it allows to re hydrate and to soften the hair. For this, make a bath of essential oil once a month. Indeed, thanks to their restorative and nourishing properties on the hair, essential oils constitute true allies of the beauty.

A vegetable and natural shampoo.

Prefer shampoos to exclusively vegetable extracts for the care of your hair color. They provide all the nutrients essential for their growth, strength, and beauty. Vegetable active agents penetrate the shell of the hair to nourish and protect it. You will find its quality shampoos in specialized organic stores. Also, try our Natural hair growth shampoo.

Always rinse with lukewarm water and never with hot water, the latter is more aggressive to the hair.

The extra thing:

To make your hair shine without altering the color, rinse them by adding cider vinegar. (2 tablespoons for a large glass of cold water).

Once again, choose an after shampoo with extracts of vegetable (cocoa, honey, Shea, eggs). Then, once a week, apply a mask to natural extracts. That help to nourish the hair deeply and strengthen them.

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Color your hair naturally.

Prefer vegetal coloring! Although less drastic, 100% natural hair dyes contain plant-based coloring agents that protect the scalp. Unlike chemical coloring that removes natural pigments from the hair, harmless plant coloring color without penetrating into the hair fiber. It coats the hair while protecting it and avoiding modifying their structure.

Thus, the natural pigments of the hair are not attacked and the hair retains its health. Unlike chemically colored hair, which quickly becomes dull with split ends. Natural coloring allows dyeing up to two months.

The extra thing: Before your vegetable coloring, stop the synthetic coloring several months before the first dying. And make a regular mask with the clay. Your scalp will be revitalized.

Dyed Hair

dyed hair


Hair color.

According to toxicologist, the dyes used for dyeing hair are very aggressive products. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a substance already banned in all cosmetic products, has until now been tolerated for capillary coloration up to 6%. PPD, which is extremely sensitive, can cause very severe allergic reactions, even in very small amounts.

So to protect your dyed Hair, first see the label of your color kit before applying.

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