Dandruff and hair loss

How to prevent Dandruff and hair loss

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Dandruff and hair loss.
Want to know if dandruff and hair loss have a link?. Here are some answers to this question that concerns men and women. Hair loss is a major problem for 64% of the people in the world. And among the causes of hair loss, dandruff are in a good place!.

Having a healthy scalp is paramount to keeping your hair healthy and preventing falls. There is no longer any question today as to how to remove dandruff, simply to act to avoid a hair loss too important.

The link between Dandruff and hair loss.
The health of our scalp is important to fight hair loss. A dirty scalp or with an excess of sebum tends to produce unhealthy, weak and brittle hair. So what is the connection between these two?.

Scientists have discovered that dandruff weakens the hair, whose protein intake is then too low. And the itching caused by dandruff can have a devastating effect on our scalp (bleeding, scabs, bad healing), until preventing hair regrowth.

Moreover, fragile hair, whether naturally or only at point periods such as a stress phase or during menopause, should not be subjected to their worst enemies. That is Irons to smooth or crepe.

These irons dry and break the hair, causing a chain reaction with an excess of sebum. This can cause dandruff and hair loss.

This hair loss due to dandruff should not be confused with the daily hair loss (about fifty, immediately replaced except in the case of baldness) and the loss a little more abundant between autumn and winter (again, It is a normal biological manifestation).

How to prevent your hair?.
Fortunately, there is a way to keep hair strong, regulate excess sebum and so avoid the formation of new dandruff. Regular use of an anti-dandruff shampoo helps to keep the scalp healthy and to fight dandruff and hair loss.

To accompany the use of an anti-dandruff shampoo, it is advisable to monitor its diet. In particular by limiting the consumption of sausages, meat, and sugar. Better to eat fruits and vegetables for a vitamin intake Pro A, B5, B8, and C.

Dandruff and hair loss


Dandruff and hair loss

To prevent dandruff from affecting hair loss, it is important not to scratch the scalp, even if it itches. Similarly, use only very soft and very soft brushes to not accentuate desquamation. Finally, a little tip of a grandmother: to consume food supplements like the yeast of beer can do only good.

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