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7 Ways to Treat Damaged Hair

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Damaged Hair. Everyone wants their hairs to look beautiful and strong. It is difficult to manage and style damaged hair. Your hairs can become damaged due to shampoos with different harsh alcohols, Use of blow dryers, exposure to sun rays, stress. Moreover, you will get to know that your hairs get damaged when you notice these changes. It includes split ends, itching scalp, dryness, dandruff, frizziness.

Don’t wait for these changes make your damaged hair more critical to handle. So follow these 7 ways to treat damaged hair:


1. One of the main cause of your damaged hair is that you didn’t get them trimmed regularly. If you have split ends, then the first thing you can do to restore the health of your hairs is to getting them trimmed. Because it gives a softer and fresher look and restores its health to some extent immediately.
You have to cut that ending tips. Because they are more likely to be affected by too much heating, rolling and straightening frequently. Also, ask your stylist not to use any styling products or blow dry because it will further damage your hairs.


2. Do not use any heating product directly onto your newly hair cut. Whether it is straightening or curling. Do Not use them without applying heat protective spray. Treat them gently until your damaged hair gets back their health. Try to give your hairs in their most natural state. Instead of heating products, use gentle methods to get your hairs a style you want.


3. Another cause of your damaged hair is to color them. It can lead to hair loss, hair breakage, dryness of hairs. So as they lose their natural state. While coloring the first step is bleaching then you add chemicals to give your hairs another color. This process is extremely damaging. So avoid it to give your damaged hair back their natural state.


4. Some girls love to get permanently straight hairs or to get permanent curls. This is also a very much damaging process. It will take off your hair’s moisture. So keep your hairs feel free from any kind of depression.


5. Use shampoos and conditioners with natural herbs and oils. it will help to repair your damaged hair. So avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals as their ingredients like sulfates and sodium. They are found in approx every soap and shampoo for cleaning. They will remove all of your hair’s moisture and make them dry which causes dandruff. Hence, your hairs will start damaging.

Go to the shop and buy a natural product, shampoo which will restore your hair’s moisture.
To give your damaged hair some moisture,  your body will start to overproducing oil. By using these natural shampoos your hairs might look oily at the starting. But with the passage of time, your body will become used to in producing the right amount of oil for your hairs.


6. Do Not wash your hair too often. Because washing your hairs every day will make them dries. Since it does not give your scalp a chance to produce oil that is necessary for your hair’s health. Wash your hairs 2 to 3 times a week. Wash your damaged hair with cool or lukewarm water. Too hot water damages your hair. whereas cold water makes your hairs a shiny and glossy effect.


7. Your hairs like other parts of the body get also affected by your diet routine. Eat or drink plenty of water, essential nutrients and vitamins to give your damaged hair a boost to get healthy.

You can get your natural shiny hair back by following the above 7 ways to treat damaged hair. For long hair, you can read my blog how to take care of long hair

damaged hair

Damaged Hair

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