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Guide to Curly Short Hair

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Guide to Curly Short Hair

Being a fan of loops, I decided to create this blog to share my passion. Indeed, the curly short hair signs their great return!. Moreover, The tendency today is to loops and undulations of all kinds, whether tight or very flexible.

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What is curly hair?

The hair is further divide into several categories. Capillary interbreeding has helped to create new ones. However, a classification was established. 4 types of hair stand out. In category 1 there is hair smooth and stiff which does not buckle. In the second category, one finds the wavy hair with loose undulations close to the face. Curly hair falls into the third category. It is subdivided into three sub-categories:

The curly hair 3a consists of large loose loops

The type 3b hair has more pronounced curls and is shaped like a spring

Those of types 3c have tighter and more numerous loops.

The fourth category concerns frizzy hair characterized by very compact loops and thin stems, often very dry.

Curly Short Hair tricks

Moreover, You should know that the hair comes from a cavity of the scalp containing the hair follicle. It is the shape of the latter that defines the nature of the hair. When it has a curved shape, it produces curly hair. The tighter it is, the tighter the loops. This elliptical shape weakens the hair. This fragility is also explained by the fact that curly hair has smaller sebaceous glands that produce very little sebum. The latter is however responsible for the lubrication of the hair. It strengthens and hydrates them, thus avoiding them becoming too brittle. Also, read our blog Soft Hair.

Having curly short hair, women’s dream

Hair curly woman Longly neglected in favor of smooth hair and stiff, curly short hair have regained their letter of nobility. They have become trendy and represent glamor. Some men find women with curly hair more attractive.

In the 1950s Ava Gardner represented femininity par excellence with her skillfully crafted hair and soft curls that fell on her shoulders. In the 1970s, it was Farrah Fawcett who represented feminine beauty with her degraded curls descending slightly below the shoulders. Curly short hair also known as the ultimate in glamor. The stars are numerous to adopt the curls in all their forms for the rise of the steps in Cannes or to tramp the red carpet. Loaded into a neglected bun or English, the curls continue to be one of the seductive assets of women.

curly short hair

Curly Short Hair

Why have curly hair?

The curls are not only the prerogative of the sophisticated women, the return in strength of natural restores the curls to the taste of the day. Women who only swore by smoothing more and more to let their hair curl naturally. The nappy style is gaining ground and gives women with curly, curly or frizzy hair freedom from the use of cosmetic products intended for European or Caucasian hair.

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Finally, The differences between curly, curly and frizzy hair

It is important to distinguish between curly, curly and frizzy hair. Curly short hair is common in Caucasian people. They have an elliptical shape which causes the formation of a more or less accentuated undulation. The loops begin to form at a certain distance from the root. The hair can be more or less thick with an average growth of 1.15 cm/month.

Moreover, Curly hair is often very thin. They emerge in parallel with the scalp rather irregularly. They grow only 0.8 cm/month and are very elastic. In addition, they are very fragile, contrary to what one might think.

The frizzy hair grows lying on the scalp. They are both very dense and brittle. This type of hair, very characteristic of Africans, consists of very tight loops which form a thick mass. The hair is not very elastic and grows less important than naturally curly or curly hair. Another peculiarity is that frizzy hair dehydrates very easily and needs specific care.

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