Concealer, before or after foundation?

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Concealer: Before or after the foundation?

The concealer is an indispensable product of our vanity beauty. It is used whether you have dark circles or not, for that matter! Now, it remains to see whether it is better to apply it before or after its foundation. This is a question that was asked about many times and it is good because we will (finally!) Answer it today.

What’s the anti-ring for?

But dark circles, what is it ?!
They are the cause of poor circulation of blood and a disorder of the lymphatics (those that support the tissues of the skin). If the lymph does not properly drain the tissue, it can not properly remove the pigments clustered under the skin. The skin of the underside of the eye is very fine, 4 times more than the rest of the body. So it marks very easily. Dark circles can also be hereditary, the reflection of a lack of sleep, stress, anxiety …

The concealer, therefore, makes it possible to camouflage all that and thanks to its light-reflecting pigments. It makes it possible to illuminate the contour of the eye to give a fresh, luminous, and awakened complexion. It can also be diverted from its original use and used to hide some small imperfections or accentuate certain areas of lights on our face. Read our blog Beautiful eye makeup tips.

How to choose her Concealer?

Choose color:
He usually chooses one or two tones lighter than our skin tone and therefore our foundation. If you opt for a darker concealer, it will bring out your dark circles more. If it is the same color as your skin tone, it will have no effect on your dark circles. On the other hand, it is important not to take it too clear either, which could also boost your dark circles by an optical illusion.

It’s the type of dark circles:
Before launching, it is also essential to identify its type of ring, especially its color. Depending on their color, you can adapt that of your concealer. Some colors require yellow sub-tones, others have beige sub-tones. If you have never bought anti-ring before, I would really recommend going to the store and seeking advice from a professional to help you find the one that suits you best.

It’s texture:
Finally, pay attention also to the texture! As for a foundation, the concealer can be more or less covering. If you do not have any real dark circles, just looking to unify them and illuminate your complexion, no need to orient yourself towards a product that is too covering. For a nice rendering, one adapts the texture according to the need of covering.


The Concealer: before or after the foundation?

I do not know about you but for my part when I put on makeup, I have my little ritual with each stage well defined. I always respect a very particular order. To say, I get angry myself when I forget a step because my ritual is totally upset. For the concealer, it is the same as it applies after the foundation!. For more tips read our blog 7 tips for eye makeup.

It is also not a tragedy to apply it before but it is especially counterproductive if you feel you have the outline of the marked eye. If you apply a lighter anti-ringing to camouflage and illuminate your eyes and then apply a darker foundation, everything you have done before will be useless. The lightest color is always placed over the darkest. On the other hand, if your rings are very marked, you can always use color correctors before your foundation to neutralize your dark circles. The good habit of taking is, therefore, to apply its anti-ring after its foundation. This is where it will be most effective!

My little tricks:

• You can easily melt it with your fingers by tapping, with a brush or with a sponge.
• You can use several concealers. A first to camouflage the rings and a second one to illuminate more. It all depends on the rendering you want.
• It’s important to fix the material so that it does not move during the day or marks your fine lines.
• It is fixed yes, but separately from the rest of the face. If we do everything at the same time, we will mix the work that has been done before and spoils it.

Hope you like my blog. Tell me that it’s useful or not. For any question, please comment below.

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