Coconut Oil in hair

Coconut oil in hair

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Coconut oil In Hair

From Millenium and through all civilizations, women use vegetable oil for their hairs. You probably have missed out this phenomenon! But why is coconut oil so popular?. What more does she have than the others?. We offer you to discover the most beneficial properties of Coconut Oil In hair.

Above all, coconut oil has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-fungal properties and is rich in minerals. Also, contains vitamins and lauric acid (a fatty acid whose composition is similar to that of hair proteins). Which makes it an extraordinary oil for hair!. Coconut oil in hair is one of the few (with olive oil) that can penetrate deep into the hair fiber and coat and protect the hair!.

Coconut oil stimulates the growth of hair and fortifies it, thanks to its proteins. It also allows fighting against the dry and damaged hair.
Apply in a bath of coconut oil in hair (avoiding the roots which are liable to grease), by doing a light massage. Apply it once a week. You will activate the blood circulation and stimulate the growth of your hairs. You can leave it on all night if your hair is really dry or untidy!.

Be careful, however, if your hair is rich in protein, do not apply pure coconut oil, dilute it with water. Having a strong penetrating power, it can bring a surplus of proteins, which risks breaking the hair.

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To maintain their beautiful hair, use it by combining it with other natural oils such as avocado oil or olive oil.

Coconut oil has another power, that of making even the driest hair shine!. It is also an effective remedy against your toddler’s lice, dandruff and even the pimples that sometimes appear on the top of the skull!. Also consider reading our blog Advantages and Disadvantages of solar nails.

Moreover, its sale price remains very reasonable when we know that it can be reused elsewhere. Advice, always prefer the oils from organic farming (unrefined, virgin and cold pressed).

Coconut oil in hair

Coconut Oil in Hair

To optimize its application, use it in an oil bath and cover your hair with a towel. Leave on for several hours, then wash your hair twice in a row with your usual shampoo. If your tips are brittle, apply the diluted coconut oil in a few drops of water on your tips.

Nourishing and restorative, if coconut oil is so much sought after today, it is simply because it contains many properties and a heavenly odor!. It is now the new star of your bathroom.

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